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October 13, 2008

Frozen / The Power Of One
Max Graham

You can't say Max Graham hasn't been dealing with diversity in the past couple of years. From his big breakthrough with housy dance record 'Owner of a lonely heart' to the most sensitive and delicate trance of his 'I know your gone' track with singer Jessica Jacobs. Canadian dj/producer Max Graham manages to turn everything he touches into a success.

Starting at the turntables in 1986, Max went from cut and scratch to house and eventually discovered progressive back in 1992, when the sounds of BT and Underworld were slowly getting bigger. Inspired by dj's like Paul Oakenfold and Sasha, Max decided to infect Canada with this new sound and therewith made himself one of the few dj's that were playing so called 'trance' in the country. It took some years, but eventually Canada picked it up and Max grew out to be one of the busiest and most booked progressive dj's. Several record labels picked up his vibe and his first mix albums appeared around 2001. Duty was calling Max, cause if you want to be a big dj, you have to produce some of your own tracks. So Max spend his time in the studio, building the foundations of a faster path to success. With help from Armada, where he started his Re*Brand imprint many tracks found their way out and managed to work the crowds and make people long for more of this stuff.

And more they will get! Max Graham is now back with a double release. 'Frozen' is a profound, mysterious track that'll take your breath away and send you off to another place and time. 'The Power of One' is light-hearted and atmospheric, and will surely make you float a few meters above the floor while listening.

Max Graham: playing this EP :)
Armin van Buuren: Great tracks
Above & Beyond: Frozen is played on our radio show
Andy Moor: Both tracks are nice...
Blake Jarrell: loving both tracks!

  1. Frozen (Original Mix)
  2. The Power Of One (Original Mix)


Stating that youngsters Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst are on fire, would be an understatement. Being relatively new to the scene didn't stop them from making one smoking hot track after another. Teamed up, these guys create an invincible and unheard style that manages to capture you from the very first beat.

They started producing in the summer of 2007 and their first release, 'Mustang', was an instant hit, being supported by almost every big name in the scene. Besides that, no one less than Armin van Buuren himself mentioned W&W as one of the best upcoming team of producers at the moment. With that in their pocket, the guys are more than confident their next release will be just as welcome.

'Dome' is about to prove that they can live up to the expectations. After the first listen, you'll find the same driving beat that captured the attention in the other W&W productions. A strong and heavy beat, destined to have impact until the last minute was combined with a melodramatic melody and a flaming buildup that eventually leads to the ultimate break. 'Dome' is another jewel, which deserves to be added to your music collection.

Armin van Buuren: Big support on this release!
Tiesto: Been hammering since early this year!
John O`Callaghan: huge! full support 10/10
Gareth Emery: Supported on the podcast and in gigs.
David Forbes: production on this is wkd!!! nice job
Blank & Jones: Supporting the M6 Remix!
Sied van Riel: Great work by Willem & Wardt

  1. Dome (Original Mix)
  2. Dome (M6 Remix)
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