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October 06, 2008

7 Days / Bella

Arnej is a name that in the past couple of months has been talked through by many different music lovers and labels. This Canadian producer is on his way to conquer the world with his renewing, fresh sound and all the hard work he did to reach for that point eventually paid off with several, well deserved releases on different big labels. With great production skills, remarkable titles and a big dose of talent and persistency, Arnej is one to keep an eye on.

Until now, 'They always come back' and 'Rendesvouz' were some of the biggest successes for the 28 year old producer, but you can be sure that it doesn't just end there. New additions to the list are '7 Days' and 'Bella'. These two susceptible, deep trancers will undoubtedly find their way to the clubs. '7 Days' is a well balanced track, with the right tones to set you off to dreamland. 'Bella' is a bit more light-hearted, with a guiding piano and stimulating, playful effects that manage to surprise you every time you listen to it. Be assured, you'll be hearing these beauties a lot more often. And Arnej? He's not even near the end of his list of successes.

Skyhigh / Wintertime

If there's one producer suffering from identity problems, it's got to be M.I.K.E. This belgian masterproducer has over 60 aliases and Absolute is one of them. The powerfull trancers produced under this guise have been welcomed to the scene from the very beginning and are still going strong nowadays. Just a few months ago, the album 'Absolute - Horizon' was brought out, which contained some old and new productions.

As if the guy isn't busy enough yet, he's now releasing both 'Skyhigh' and 'Winter Time', with 'Skyhigh' being a pure trancer in all its forms. It's uplifting, emotional and highly addictive. 'Winter Time', on the other hand, has more proggy and dramatic effects. Fact is, both of these jewels deserve their airplay and will absolutely get your liking. M.I.K.E. definately proves that an identiticrisis does have its plusses.

Dark Providers

Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker are also known as the untouchable duo 'Simon & Shaker'. But next to this successful guise, they also found a way to release their darker, deeper stuff. As the Dark Providers these Spanish producers/dj's create a wave of proghouse tracks that can't be stopped.

With 'Neo' they've got another track ready to hit the clubs and infect them with the Dark Providers virus. A contagious drive, skimming break and several forces of effects that will send you off to a different world. Not to mention the surprising vocal striking you down right after all of this.

Let It Go
StoneBridge & Wawa

Swedish producer and top notch dj StoneBridge had been ruling the dance floor for over 20 years, regularly crashing the charts with one of his slick productions or smooth remixes. Many sexy house tracks were released onto his Stoney Boy imprint at Armada and received overwhelming international acclaim.

With the debut artist album 'Can't Get Enough' in 2004, the follow up album 'Music Takes Me' in 2007 and his most recent mix album 'The Flavour, The Vibe' it's obvious this producing machine just can't stop. Besides that, StoneBridge is being praised for his remix work on several big tracks in the international music business. Next to his world famous remix of legendary club destroyer 'Robin S. - Show me Love', names like Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, Robbie Williams, Simple Minds, Usher and even pop sensation Britney Spears gave their approval or asked StoneBridge to put his hands on their tracks to get them dipped in the tasty Stoney flavor.

And StoneBridge is now back with a new kind of flavor. Teaming up with Polish producers Wawa, who you might know from their European success 'No Problem', StoneBridge has another delicious club banger in stores for you. 'Let it go' is a tempting, deep and sexy house track which will undoubtedly make those bodies move to the rhythm of the stirring beat, contagious vocals and tasteful melody.

Vivida / Silverstate
Orjan Nilsen

The summer of 2008 just couldn't be any better for Norwegian producer and dj talent Orjan Nilsen. In almost every club, beach club and at every major event and festival his smashing hit sounded through the speakers. 'La Guitarra' conquered the scene with its magical combination of the perfect summer guitar and a contagious drive.

To top this success and prove he has a lot more in stores for you, Orjan did a lot of hard work to produce a couple of new and smashing club tracks. And what a tracks they turned out to be! Both 'Vivida' and 'Silver State' got the potential, or better said: wall drive those dance lovers on the dance floor mad. Because one thing's for sure: these are two solid, banging club tracks!
'Silverstate' is a deep and sensitive, yet swinging combination with catchy guitar riffs, soft vocals and playfull effects. 'Vivida' bangs even harder and has the likings of tech-trance influenced by house, with an exciting build up and an amazing impact when the break kicks in, which reveals a delicious, firm guitarplay. Orjan did it again.

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