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September 29, 2008
Joint Operations CentreIrishman John O'callaghan is definitely keeping his options open.

Joint Operations CentreIrishman John O'callaghan is definitely keeping his options open. If he's not producing some bomb of a track under his real name, he's producing one under his Joint Operation Centre. With a sturdy, stable sound he does a lot of remixes and productions best to be described as catchy, efficient and diverse.
A while ago, he caught the attention with his powerful 'Shortwave' track, his heavy remix of 'Bissen - Quicksand' and on top of that his Joint Operation Centre remix of 'Timmy & Tommy - Full Tiltin' is currently being hammered by all the big names around.
Another 3 fresh top releases are about to be added to his basket. 'New Jersey' seems to be the follow-up of 'Shortwave', with a simple but effective melody and a mild, sensitive break. 'Jetleg Dancer' has a housy feeling and rushes through your speakers without losing any depth. And last but not least, 'Puzzle' is a gathering of all pieces needed to form a great techy trance record.
1. New Jersey2. Jetlag Dancer3. Puzzle
tyDi - Russia2008 has been quite a memorable year for Brisbane's Tyson Illingworth. The 21 year old's production moniker tyDi quickly gathered attention back in January, as his track "Meet Me In Kyoto" featured on Markus Schulz's Amsterdam '08 compilation. Following on from a further release on Electronic Elements and on Andy Moor's AVA Recordings, he takes his bow on Coldharbour Recordings Red with yet another geographically referenced track, Russia.
Since April, Russia has featured heavily in the playlists of Markus Schulz, both on Global DJ Broadcast and in his live sets, notably at two Sensation White events.
The package features two mixes, the original and the melodic mix. Both have identical basslines, with the original leaning further towards the techier boundaries, leaving the melodic mix to resonate with those who like their breakdowns and a few additional melodies thrown in for good measure. However, it is the bassline that immediately stands out as being identifiable.
Recently ceebrating the achievement of being voted the number 1 DJ in Australia, tyDi's stock continues to rise. Russia looks set to only accelerate his momentum.
1. Russia! (Original Mix)2. Russia! (Melodic Remix)

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