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This week's Artist of the Week: Armin van Buuren

March 28, 2012
To some, he is a living legend. To others, he represents something that they can only dream of. Fact is, Armin van Buuren is the proud mastermind behind the A State of Trance radio show, label and brand and he’s more than ready to celebrate the next milestone: ASOT 550! We caught up with the Dutch DJ and producer, to find out what’s on his mind now that the ASOT 550 craze and madness is about to kick in...

A busy, but happy man. This month, Dutchman Armin van Buuren has all reason to celebrate. His A State of Trance radio show has reached episode 550 and therefore its 11th birthday. Now that the grand finale of Den Bosch is ahead, its time to celebrate.

To celebrate this milestone and the release of his ‘A State of Trance 2012’ compilation, we’ve named Armin our official Artist of the Week! To find out more about how Armin feels about this huge accomplishment on ASOT, check the interview we had with him on!

Keep an eye on for the live broadcast of the ASOT 550 events!
Get the ‘A State of Trance 2012’ compilation on iTunes!

ASOT 550 events:
March 1st: London, UK
March 7th: Moscow, RUS
March 10th: Kiev, UKR
March 17th: Los Angeles, USA
March 25th: Miami, USA
March 31st: Den Bosch, NL

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