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This is Armada at ADE 2015: #WeArmada

October 14, 2015

Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 has started and Armada Music is, as can be expected, actively involved with everything ADE is about and stands for. But this is also the time where everyone we love gathers in one place. This is why we have now launched the #WeArmada hashtag.

Armada Music is one big happy family of employees, artists and fans. #WeArmada stands for solidarity and accessibility and perfectly fits the idea of a family.

You will see #WeArmada everywhere you go, from our very own events on Wednesday and Thursday Night (Armada Captivating @ Undercurrent, Armada Deep @ Heineken Experience) to our Armada suits, cars, bikes, boat, and, most importantly, you!

We hope you, our fans, will connect to the hashtag! It would be awesome if you could start using the hashtag when posting about Armada. After all, we’re one big family. #WeArmada!

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