The Gallery Awards for Best Podcast 2008 & Best International Resident 2008!

January 16, 2009
Results of the annual The Gallery Awards are in.

Results of the annual The Gallery Awards are in! Many clubbers of one of the most popular clubs in London have cast their votes and it's time to reveal their picks!
First of all, Armin van Buuren's weekly podcast has won the Gallery Award for Best Podcast 2008. Armin: 'It's amazing to see the support from so many people for this new concept of the podcast. Especially because I feel there's a very special bond between me and the people from The Gallery. It's great to be able to update the clubbers with the latest in trance so quickly and for free! I want to thank everyone for this big honour.'
Second, Coldharbour owner Markus Schulz won the award for Best International Resident of 2008! Markus: 'That's insane, I've not even been there a year yet, wow! I really am speechless. Needless to say, the Gallery quickly became one of, if not my favorite clubs to play at and each time I'm booked, I literally can't wait to get stuck in to it. This simply rounds off an incredible 2008 for me and my team - huge thanks to everyone who voted me!"
For more info and full results, check click here.

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