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'The Bearded Man Top 10 - May 2016' [OUT NOW]

May 21, 2016

Even if you can't recall any of The Bearded Man's insane adventures or jaw-dropping tales, there's no denying the fact that the king of all beards knows how to put together the best tunes of the moment in exactly the right way. Through the May 2016 installment of 'The Bearded Man Top 10', he lets you indulge in luscious beats, splendid rhythms, and soothing atmospheres, all coming together in tunes such as CALVO feat. Gigi - 'Made For Us', Androma - 'Kaya' (Boy Kiss Girl Remix), Twax feat. Solomina - 'Tom's Diner', Frank Pole feat. Kris Allen - 'Some Days', and six other, no less extraordinary creations. Sounds like an adventure in itself, doesn't it?

Listen or download: The Bearded Man Top 10 - May 2016

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