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'The Bearded Man' Launches With Buzz Chart #1!

June 06, 2014

The Bearded Man Recordings is a new frontier for Armada Music and the latest imprint addition. With the timeless motto: “So many good tunes, I didn’t have time to shave!”, this label is for music that’s completely “outside the box” -- the word “genre” doesn’t mean anything here.

A fitting tune for the maiden voyage, the massive new single from Y.V.E 48 - 'On The Road' is perfect for the season.  Reaching a #1 Buzz Chart spot, this record is poised to do big things. The hooky riff and the smooth vocals come together to form the soundtrack of summer, proving that the young label has a bright future.

Will you join The Bearded Man on his quest to never shave??

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