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Televisor feat. River - 'Sound Of Love' [OUT NOW]

June 08, 2016

Of all the time periods he's been through, the 1980s has to be the weirdest time The Bearded Man has ever experienced. From TAB to the New Coke, to all the Wall Street execs perpetually cracked out in search of their next high-pressure million, you can't deny that the 80s was pretty weird. "I can't believe we let this happen," The Bearded Man thought as he watched yet another rerun of The Price Is Right. "Someday, we're gonna pay for this" he mused. Despite all of the many, many, many shortcomings of the 80s, The Bearded Man looks back fondly on the time when all it took to be happy was a large cheese pizza and enough quarters to hit the arcade. Sure, those days may be gone, but the legacy lives on… Televisor and River remember, but the Sound Of Love is truly a step up from most of the music that actually came out of that god-forsaken dark age. Remember when Rick Astley wasn't a joke?

Listen or download: Televisor feat. River - Sound Of Love

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