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Support tyDi & Armin in Australia’s Sony ITM Poll!

August 12, 2010
Once a year, the Australian clubbers speak up and let Sony-InTheMix know who they want as their captain that year.

There’s more to Australia than cuddly koala’s and didgeridoo’s. Down under, they don’t only know how to party, they also know what music to party to. There’s a healthy, ever-growing dance scene, that’s getting bigger and better every year. Once a year, the Australian clubbers speak up and let Sony-InTheMix know who they want as their captain that year.

For the past two years, tyDi has been their absolute favourite, rocking big festivals like Summadayze and Trance Energy as well as the more intimate settings of clubs like Home, HQ, Family and many more. This year, he’s got an extensive European tour planned, as well as dates in Asia and the US, to spread the Australian goodness to the rest of the globe. This year, Tyson also made it to the DJ Mag Top 100, entering at a staggering #52. However, there’s nothing better than a warm welcome coming home, so all Ozzies and tyDi fans, if you want him to remain number one on the Sony-InTheMix DJ Poll, cast your vote now!

Last year, Armin van Buuren was given a heartfelt ‘welcome mate’ by all clubbers, being voted number one International DJ in the poll last year. We Love Sounds and Winter Sound System are only just two of the massive parties he rocked from top to Down Under. We’re pretty sure his new ‘Mirage’ album, along with its Armin Only tour (NYE 2010 in Melbourne), will lead to even more gig-invitations in the following months. Want to be sure Armin remains the number one International DJ? Cast your vote at the Sony-InTheMix DJ Poll now!

Voting ends September 5th, so be quick. If you’re living outside of Australia and you’d like to cast your vote, use any random 4 digit postcode. Thanks for the support!

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