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Stefan Z - BLU [ exclusive premiere]

July 01, 2014

This is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak that can be found nowhere else in the world! Be sure to check back to each week for a new exclusive preview -- hear it here before anywhere else!

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Stefan Z
Release date: 07-07-2014

Early support:
DJ Sasha: Nice Tracks!!
Karmon: Cool Tracks!!
Doctor Dru: Very well Produced, will def try tanxs and Cheers, Dru
Eelke Kleijn: YEAH!! HUGE!
Markus Homm: Nice EP
Waifs & Straiys: Liking BLU, will give this a go for sure!!
Amine Edge & Dance: Thanks cool tracks!!
Animal Trainer: Kneedle & Blu, TOP!!

After great success with SBJKT002 by Atapy & Tim Paris, we're moving forward with our next release from good friend and talented DJ/Producer, Stefan Z.

He comes all the way from Vancouver, but soon he'll be heading over to the beautiful city of London where he just got signed to the well-known Jack Mode Agency!

His latest release ‘No Words EP’ (for My Favorite Robot) made it high into the charts and was supported by the biggest names in the scene. There's no question why we asked him to be a part of the family.

His brand new three-track EP ‘BLU’ will make you listen to music like you never listened before, and it will take you to a whole other level on the dance floor. The mix of analog and digital makes the sound of the tracks powerful and warm, hitting you in all the right spots!

Enjoy this brand new release by Stefan Z on @Subjekt-Recordings.

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