Single of the Week: tyDi - Is It Cold?

February 04, 2009
The living proof that Australia has more to offer than didgeridoos, is tyDi.

The living proof that Australia has more to offer than didgeridoos, is tyDi. This young talent was voted number one DJ and number two producer of Australia in the Sony inthemix DJ Poll. And one thing's for sure: tyDi's got a few tasty releases coming up! After his 'Russia', 'Fool' and 'Under the Stars' he's bringing us 'Is It Cold', a lovely vocal trancer with a driven bass line and playful melody. A sweet yet solid production, that brings along quite an impressive list of remixes!
Maltese producer duo Tenishia reworked the track and turned it into a deep, proggy whole, with a totally different feel to the vocals. Re-Ward dipped the track in his contagious techy sound and gave it an energetic boost, while Max Savietto sticked to the uplifting side of trance. Topher Jones kicked the beat to the max and let it play around with a fine piece of piano. New talent D:Folt played with some emotions and added lovely strings that make huge contrast to the banging proggy teardown after the break. Benya toyed around with the synths and made it a playful, deep remix. And last but not least, Baby Gee turned the track upside down completely and transformed 'Is It Cold' into a steaming hot house track. It doesn't get more diverse than this!

Is It Cold?tyDiDownload
1. Is It Cold? (Original Mix)2. Is It Cold? (Baby Gee Remix)3. Is It Cold? (Benya Remix)4. Is It Cold? (D:Folt Remix)5. Is It Cold? (Max Savietto Remix)6. Is It Cold? (Re-Ward Remix)7. Is It Cold? (Tenishia Remix)8. Is It Cold? (Tenishia Dub Mix)9. Is It Cold? (Topher Jones Remix)

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