Single of the Week: Armin van Buuren vs. DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones

April 01, 2008
Armin van Buuren went through an amazing 2007.

Armin van Buuren went through an amazing 2007. He won several awards like the Dutch Pop Award and he got voted number 1 DJ of the world by the readers of the British leading dance magazine DJ Mag.
A couple of years ago, Armin was playing at his weekly night Armada hosts in Amnesia, Ibiza. In the audience was the talented producer, DJ Shah from Germany, who decided to step up to Armin and give him his new track. Now in 2008 that same guy teamed up with Armin van Buuren and Chris Jones to deliver this new single!
April 19th this year Armin will launch his new artist album called 'Imagine' at the Armin Only event which holds the same name as the album. 'Going Wrong' is the result of the corporation with German DJ Shah and British singer Chris Jones. Going Wrong is the first single from Armin van Buuren`s forthcoming album 'Imagine'
The first single of Armin van Buurens new album 'Imagine', 'Going Wrong', which he made with DJ Shah and Chris Jones is out today!! You can purchase the single now on By clicking on this link you can purchase the single! '.
It is also possible for you to pre-order the album 'Imagine', so you will have it as soon as this great album will be released!Click here to preorder 'Imagine'.

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