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Silience feat. Joe Michel - 'Remember Me' [OUT NOW]

May 03, 2016

There was a time when The Bearded Man spent a lot of money on cars. Like a LOT. But it wasn't on speed. Hell no! It wasn't on crotch rockets or import tuners or any of that honky bullsh**. He spent his cash on them low-lows, girl. He'd ride up round sunset, hydraulics in full swing, on some unsuspecting hotties from the block. When the girls saw him coming, they'd take their sunglasses off, time would slow down, and they'd simultaneously mouth the words: "Daaayyyyuuumm." Needless to say, The Bearded Man knew how to make one hell of an impression. They admired his ability to drive in a lowrider. They admired his ability to own a car. But most of all, they admired the fact that his owning those things must have made him a better man. I mean, why else would people do it? Who cared about his personality? Who cared about his rhymes (which were mad ill by the way)? Who cared about whether or not he had a job? The lowrider said enough. Just like Aphex Twin's iconic 'Windowlicker', The Bearded Man would often encourage these ladies to join him in his ride, and they'd bounce off into the California sunset. Hey come on, it was the 90s! You can't blame him for that!

Listen or download: Silience feat. Joe Michel - Remember Me

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