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Siege - Plug & Play

May 22, 2012

Following the hype of the big-boom phenomenon of 'Roads', is Siege's latest offering. With the solid support of Pete Tong, 'Plug & Play' is the fresh and frisky new release by one of Belgium's fastest rising house talents.

With 'Roads' being supported by the likes of Pete Tong, buzzing around ADE's Buzz Chart and moving ten-thousands as the official kick-off tune to the festival season, Siege received a dream start to his surely promising career in music. 'Plug & Play' builds further on this musical story, unlocking another peak-timer that fuses electro, prog and house. Playful, energetic and nothing but feel-good!

For a deeper, more proggy translation of this club tune, check out the Sergio Fernandez remix.

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