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Short interview with Grum!

March 08, 2014
We caught up with Grum for a short interview, who just had his debut Trice Recordings release!

How would you describe your ‘sound’?
I think although my sound has changed over the years, I'm always looking to create a big emotional response and feeling. At the moment I'm taking a lot of influences from the more progressive side of the 90s - Orbital, Sasha, Digweed, etc. But the real pleasure is combining that with a modern arrangement and production to create something new. I think In Love and my forthcoming track Tears sum these ideas up perfectly. Playing this new sound at recent gigs, the response has been incredible.

You’ve had quite an impressive career, how do you see the scene changing, and is it for the better?
Since around 2008 I've watched as dance music has become truly massive. I think it's great that so many people are enjoying it now. I would like to see some more exposure given to the huge variety of different sub-genres though - there's a lot of homogenisation at the moment. I think the big EDM/electro explosion will give way to some more beautiful, progressive and interesting music. At the moment I'm really loving what guys like Fehrplay, Jeremy Olander, and Guy J are putting out. They can create amazing melodies but aren't afraid to keep the energy there.

What’s more important in today’s scene: “hype”, or great content?
I think in the end, it always, always comes down to the music. You can have the biggest hype and the largest marketing budget, but if people don't like your song it won't go far.
Your latest record ‘In Love’ made the Beatport top 10. Congratulations! Any new projects in the works?
Thanks, I'm totally made up about that. There's a lot happening at the moment. My remix of Chromeo's "Come Alive" was just released...and I've got remixes for Dirty Vegas and Angel Stoxx forthcoming. I also recently collaborated with Mason and we are lining up a studio date with Fehrplay.

What are the most exciting things 2014 holds in store for you?
Firstly my next single "Tears" is released on April 7th, ahead of my second album "Human Touch" released on 14th April. It has been a long time coming so I'm really excited for people to hear it. Then I should have a string of live dates over the summer. I'm also writing new music for a variety of labels, so plenty of things to come - 2014 should be my best year yet.

In Love is out now on Beatport.

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