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Shogun's Save Me #1 Beatport Trance Chart, #20 overall

June 16, 2010
Shogun did it again! His single ‘Save Me’ has shot all the way up to the #1 on the Beatport Trance Chart!

Shogun did it again! His Armada debut, the heart-throbbing ‘Nadia’, was the number one on the Beatport Trance chart in January. Now that his new single, ‘Save Me’, has been released, it has shot all the way up to the number one on the same chart! In the overal chart it is currently #20!

‘Save Me’ is the official follow-up to ‘Nadia’, and rides a warm breeze of summer-guitar, dreamy  trance synths and progressive enrapture. UK singer/songwriter Emma Lock has made ‘Save Me’ on big, lush dream of vocal reverie. No wonder it’s so high up! Featuring remixes by Stoneface & Terminal and Balearic duo Walsh & McAuley, and with the support of Paul van Dyk, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Andy Moor, tyDi and many others, ‘Save Me’ will surely continue to light some souls!

Download ‘Save Me’ on Beatport!

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