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Shake it down with Armada House Radio!

August 22, 2012
Daily life can be quite stressy sometimes. But don’t let the 9-to-5 grid get to you! Chill down and unwind with the latest lounge, down-tempo and ambient tunes, handpicked by our A&R staff. Listen to special, chilled out versions of your favourite Armada tracks, piano interludes, ambient soundscapes and much, much more!

Are you a groove collector? Love to shake things down with the pounding beat of house? Then we’ve got the perfect Spotify playlist for you!

Armada House Radio takes you on musical trip, with 100 of the biggest essential house tracks of today and tomorrow! Enjoy the melodies and housy vibe with the sounds of Hardwell, Arty, Siege, Mischa Daniels, Joris Voorn, Calvin Harris, Dabruck & Klein, Eric Prydz, W&W and many more! Inspired by the Armada House series and kept up to date each week, you know you’re missing out if you’re not subscribed yet!

Get into the groove with Armada House Radio now!

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