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Sebastian Brandt makes you feel ASOT 450

April 08, 2010
'450' is the everlasting, energetic anthem that sets the trance scene alight. Its creator is no one less than Sebastian Brandt.

While the A State of Trance 450 milestone in Armin van Buuren’s career will be nothing but a beautiful memory in days, it’s the official theme of the celebration that makes it tangible. ‘450’ is the everlasting, energetic anthem that sets the trance scene alight. Its creator is no one less than Sebastian Brandt. The Swedish producer/DJ, known for his ‘Serenade’, ‘Technology’, ‘So Cold’, blistering hot collabs and epic remixes, had the privilege of renaming his new track into the official ASOT 450 theme. A lovely surprise to the youngster, whose Scandinavian trance touch lead him to a promising future and very pleasant present….

Armada: You’re the producer of the official A State of Trance 450 theme. Now how does that feel?
Sebastian:”To get the support by the worlds’ greatest DJ is always a great honor to me. But for him to choose my track as the anthem for one of the worlds’ biggest trance parties is of course even better, if that’s possible!“

Armada: How did the whole idea of a theme came together, did Armin ask you or did you come up with it yourself?
Sebastian: “I started making the track at the end of last year and finished it early this year. There was never an idea for an anthem. I sent the track to Armin and he loved it. Later I got a phone call from Ruben de Ronde at Armada who told me Armin wanted to make it the ASOT 450 anthem. Happy times!”

Armada: What makes this track so fit as a theme-song?
Sebastian: “I guess the orchestral breakdown and the whole atmosphere towards it. But I always try to enhance that special ‘main room’ thing in my tracks.”

Armada: Will you be tuning in?
Sebastian: “I have another gig coming up this weekend so I’m afraid I won’t be able to. I will listen to them all afterwards of course though. :)"

Armada: On another note, you recently remixed Signum’s ‘First Strike’. Were you up for a little flashback there?
Sebastian: “It was a huge honor for me to remix the classic from Ron and Pascal. ‘First Strike’ has always been a favorite of mine so it was a lot of fun!”

Armada:‘Serenade’ is still a much requested track by the clubbers. Is there already a follow-up in the pipeline?
Sebastian: “Well, Serenade was a bit of a try for something different. I wanted to show myself and everyone else my diversity as a producer. Of course there will be more tunes like it from me in a not too far away future.”

Armada: It’s been a few years since Selu Vibra’s Divine and ‘Stargazing’, but the trance crowd is still waiting for a follow-up from you and Ludvig. Are they gonna get it soon?
Sebastian: “Well, honestly they already got it, as Ludvig wrote the original strings for ‘450’. That’s the way we always worked in the past as well. But for sure there will be another Selu Vibra!”

Armada: What else is going on in the life of Sebastian? Any exciting gigs that we need to know of?
Sebastian: “Last weekend, I played at Luminosity Before The Energy in The Netherlands. This weekend I’m going up north for a gig in Stockholm together with my fellow country man Carl B. I also just got booked to the biggest event in Sweden called Monday Bar! Studio wise I’m quite busy working on lots of remixes. You can also check out my weekly radio show which airs every Tuesday night 19-20:00 CET on And if you like podcasts you can check out Marcus Schossow’s ‘Tone Diary Podcast’ on iTunes, as I play a guest mix there every month called ‘Tone Diary Uplift’. As for originals I have loads and loads of collaborations in the works, and also need to finish the follow up to ‘450’.“

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