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Sandro Silva reinvents himself and drops blazing EP: 'Ambition EP'

May 20, 2017

Sandro Silva has always been known for dropping full-force EDM, but today, he shows that he’s about so much more. With his brand-new ‘Amibition EP’, he not only hits Borgore’s Buygore label for the first time, but also shows a different side of him that deserves to be heard.

With his ‘Ambition EP’, Sandro Silva breaks through the limitations of genres and twists the world of music his own way. From ‘It’s Murder’ and ‘Whine’ to ‘That Ass’, ‘Break Yo Neck’ and ‘Do It Right’, this EP is one of the most feral EPs of the year and above all club-wrecking done right.

When meeting Buygore earlier this year at the HQ of Armada Music during ‘Armada Invites: Borgore’, Sandro Silva jumped at the chance to show a side of him that nobody had ever seen before. It proved to be the stepping stone for a fresh start, as Sandro Silva changed his logo and website and began to infuse his records with tons of new sounds. The Sandro Silva who scored a monster hit with ‘Epic’ is still there, but now he’s become an even more versatile producer. And that is exactly what shines through in his ‘Ambition EP’.

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