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Richard Judge & Frank Pole team up on The Bearded Man for 'Only Way I Know'

December 14, 2018
One of The Bearded Man’s favorite things to think about is the difference between a blessing and curse. Just like how every deal with the devil *seems* like a good idea at the time, but then only later you discover some other aspect that makes the whole thing terrible... Like: “You want to be a celebrity do you?? Very well… Now you can never leave your house without being stopped on the street and harassed.” Boom. Blessing and curse, all at the same time. Or: “You want to be attractive to the opposite sex? Ok then, everyone now thinks you’re sexy, but surprise! You’re not attracted to anyone!” In many ways, The Bearded Man’s very existence is both a blessing and a curse… On the one hand, he’s the most universally attractive man on the planet, despite his non-conventional appearance. On the other hand… Well, actually, it’s really just a blessing. He’s just awesome. It’s the only way he knows!

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