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Remix contest Sied van Riel - Carved By Your Hands kicked off!

December 11, 2012

Still waiting for your chance to remix the stars? Always dreamed of a release on one of Armada Music’s labels? Then here’s your opportunity to shine! Sied van Riel gives you the chance to remix his latest single, 'Carved By Your Hands’ ft. Temper Heart, with the winning remixes released on the S107 label!

A solid vocal piece of Dutchman Sied van Riel, the successor to his ‘DC4AM’, ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘In Awe’. Together with London-based vocalist Temper Heart, he leads you into a melodic maze, tender vocal lead and energetic beats. Can’t wait to get your hands on this tune and turn it into your own remix version of house, trance, dub-step, break-beats, techno or whatever style gets your going?

Then be sure to get the parts on Beatport and start producing! Lock yourself in, cause you’ve got until December 28th to finish it! The winning remixes get a remix release on S107!


The remix contest ends December 28th, so keep an eye on the deadline and don’t be late! Submissions only via www.wetransfer.comemailed to
Downloadable MP3 320KBPS only, with the email address of the remixer in the .MP3 name tag!
Please note: If your track is not downloadable and/or not in 320KBPS and/or without contact details in the .MP3 name tag, your submission will not be handled!

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