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April 02, 2009

50 Trance Tunes Deluxe Vol. 2
After almost twenty editions of the demanded download package 50 Trance Tunes, it's time for another celebration. This second Deluxe album contains 50 trance releases, divided into brand new releases and older, already praised anthems. The second physical album to celebrate the success of an originally digital concept.
From 'Adagio For Strings 2009' to Dash Berlin's megahit 'Man On The Run' and Markus Schulz' big room trancer 'The New World', these 50 tracks are all set to take over the stereo and turn up the volume just a little bit more.

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Armada - The March Releases 2009
March was another exciting month, as the cold of winter made way for the fresh warmth of spring. We can look back upon another month filled with quality releases, ranging from all styles. Trance, House, Progressive and even that little hint of techno and electro. You name it, we got it.
This month, we've had new tracks by Kismet, Sebastian Brandt, Monogato, Ashley Wallbridge, MaRLo, Heatbeat, John O'Callaghan, Simon & Shaker and many more.

Armada presents Miami Tunes 2009
During this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami, Armada got awarded 'Best Global Dance Label' at the yearly IDMA show! Not only are we aware of the importance of this annual conference, we also want to thank you for making that happen and provide you a little piece of this sun-drenched Miami feeling.
'Miami Tunes 2009' is an album filled with Armada's top releases, on which that typical Miami feeling is represented. Some of the freshest tracks and the best of the past few months are featured on this one, representing the diversity of our label. 40 tracks, from renowned artists like Armin van Buuren, John O'Callaghan, Max Graham and Markus Schulz, to young talents like Blake Jarrell, tyDi, Dave Graham, Orjan Nilsen and many more. Miami Tunes 2009 covers all different styles Armada Music has to offer.

ASOT Collected Extended Versions Vol. 4
Almost of the same age as Armada Music itself, is Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance imprint. We're safe to say that trance truly isn't dead, cause this imprint has its 120th release coming up and is still going strong.
This 4th Volume album is a collection of 20 A State of Trance records, straight from the 61th by Under Sun to the 80th of C-quence. This selection will certainly refresh the memory and proof their well-deserved status as some of the biggest trance-classics from the past two years.

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Floorfillers, Vol. 10
This download album is filled to the brim with must-have floorfillers. The techy-edged remix of Mike Foyle's 'Bittersweet Nightshade', Arnej's much demanded 'Strangers We've Become' and two heavy Roger Shah tracks is only just a slice of the big hits we're serving on this one.

I Love House, Vol. 8
The beloved 'I Love House' series continues with another 10 smashing house tracks on its 8th volume. Tech-house sounds by Simon & Shaker, progressive by Umek & Beltek, delicious vocals by Musetta and more. A great way to let the costumers discover more than they intended to buy.

Toronto 09 - Markus Schulz
In sequence to his previous dedicative compilations, Markus Schulz brings 2009 an expression of his sounds from beloved city Toronto. Right after Miami '05, Ibiza '06 and Amsterdam '08, Markus has made a fresh selection of progressive, trance and everything beyond, and put them on his fully mixed album, Toronto '09.
Toronto '09 is a special selection of deep progressive and warm melodic trance, which represents the characteristic Markus Schulz sound so many love. Unreleased, brand new, freshly squeezed tracks by young talents, undiscovered heroes and some of the biggest names in today's dance scene. Markus fires away under his own alias Dakota and lets tracks by Arnej, Mr. Pit, Rex Mundi, Tenishia, Omnia and many others speak for themselves. Markus Schulz presents you: Toronto '09.

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Trance World 6 - M.I.K.E.
With almost 15 years of producing and DJ experience behind him, 6 albums in his discography and an unstoppable drive to bring his sounds to the masses, the new Trance World, Volume 6, has found a worthy follow-up mixer for John O'Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Signum, Robert Nickson and Aly & Fila.
M.I.K.E. selected some of his personal favourites and blended them into a this flowing mix. 'Trance World Volume 6' contains the freshest releases trance has to offer, by producers like Jaytech, Rex Mundi, Armin van Buuren, Rank 1, Signalrunners, Sebastian Brandt and many more. For the album, M.I.K.E. even made a special anthem track, 'Trance World'. Expect a 2 hour journey into all different corners of trance, from the essential deep proggy stuff to uplifting tech-trance at its best.

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