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Who is the mysterious EJ??

June 18, 2018

Firstly, tell us about yourself. Who is the mysterious EJ?
I’m the resident DJ for Formula E, the electric street racing championship, as well as now an official Garuda artist!

You seem to be at all these amazing races… What is your connection to the Formula E racing championship?
I head up all the music for the championship whether it be DJing live to crowds while cars race around the track, or making the music for the TV show to add to the broadcast. I’m the one stop shop for all things music at Formula E.

Sounds amazing! So the race cars are fully electric? How does it compare to Formula 1?
It’s obviously a lot quieter but that’s why they brought me on, to add music to the experience and make a right racket! In all seriousness it really does add a whole new level of atmosphere to the racing. A bit like bringing a Hollywood style car race to life!

We saw from your Garuda social takeover that you were at the Zurich E-Prix last weekend. How was that?
Amazing! The race and crowd were incredible. This season I launched a show ahead of the podium ceremony to keep the crowds entertained and it was packed! I had the main man Steven from Garuda there with me also which was awesome. I think he was pretty impressed.

It must be a very mixed crowd of people who attend the races where you perform. How do they respond to your music?
They have responded really well…. now. When I first started four years ago I had my critics. It was mainly people who could not grasp music over motorsport. Fast forward four years and the crowd love it! I have to tweak what I play a little. If it’s for the racing you can play pretty underground but with no vocals so as not to clash with commentary, but if it’s the podium show I have to play slightly commercial with vocals. Zurich and Mexico City have been the best crowds so far. Bring on NYC next month!

‘Slipstream’ is your first release with Garuda… how did that come about and will you be doing more with the label?
I wanted to work with a label whose music I love; and who cares about developing their artists. I had a few meetings with Garuda and really liked their vibe; they were digging what I was up to and the music I was making. It’s taken a while to arrive but ‘Slipstream’ is out now and there is a lot more planned for the future. Watch this space!

Your stylish helmet looks very fancy; can you tell us about that?
When I first started working with Formula E I wanted a style that could grow with the championship. Obviously there is the racing element with the drivers wearing helmets so I thought about wearing one myself and the idea developed from there really. I worked with an amazing costume company, who has designed for Alien, Batman, and The Martian to name a few films. It’s a lot of fun visiting their warehouse and trying on the outfits from their latest movie projects! The helmet has got in-ear monitoring for DJing and pretty sick lighting for when playing in clubs in the dark, but it does tend to get quite hot!!!

What’s next on your jet setting, superstar lifestyle calendar?
Well I have a little break in between races right now, so will be working on further music and having a break in Italy and the South of France. Then we have the final races of the 2017/18 Formula E season in New York City on 14th and 15th July. I can’t wait for that! It’s all about the Lobster Rolls in Red Hook!

When you’re not on a racetrack, in the studio or taking Ashley Wallbridge’s car for a spin, what do you get up to?
I like being back home in London. I don’t spend enough time there and its great to hang out with friends, eat, go down the pub, hit a few bars in town, kick back on the sofa and watch TV, oh, and occasionally jump on a plane and go mental in Ibiza.

Will we ever see who is behind the helmet?
Depends who you are ☺

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