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Q+A With Sick Individuals

July 14, 2014

Despite having a lot on their plate, we were able to get a chance to talk to Sick Individuals and ask them a few questions!

So first of all, obviously your career has been blowing up recently, and deservedly so! Out of all the things that are going on right now, what’s the most exciting thing happening in your DJ career?

S.I. Playing the big festivals like Ultra and Sensation of course but also the club shows are just awesome! So many spectacular venues around the world and that feeling when people go mental on your music, hard to describe but it gives a lot of adrenaline and inspiration for sure. :)

Any great new S.I. productions in the works for 2014?

S.I. Yes working on several new originals actually. After Wasting Moonlight, we have a big remix coming up… Last year we have made 25 remixes, so the main focus is Sick Individuals originals this year. In August and October two more originals on Revealed, the sound of Wasting Moonlight is the direction we want to proceed with.

Perhaps another banger on Armada this year? ;)

How did you two meet and join forces?

S.I. We met each other at the School of the Arts four years ago in Hilversum but we started producing together as a duo in 2010. We quickly found out that we had a lot in common with each other music-wise. But we also found we have the same approach concerning our productions–mixing, producing, etc. We have musical chemistry on stage and in the studio.  This is pretty important, because we’re in this for the long run!

What do you think the “sound” of the Sick Individuals is?

S.I. The big synths, massive drops, powerful melodies, and energetic build-ups are all part of our ‘Sick Sound’. Including beautiful vocals, like our track with Axwell last year 'I AM' and 'Wasting Moonlight' right now!  We are trying to set new boundaries and keep developing our sound constantly.

If you could produce in any new/unusual genre, what would it be?

S.I. Tech-house or classical music! We actually started making commercial (television) music together back in the day!

What is it that you really don’t like about the music industry?

S.I. Copycats and lack of creativity, so many similar tracks nowadays in the charts. Stick to quality and create something unique!

What is your ultimate goal as Sick Individuals?

S.I. Making beautiful tracks that will last. 'Music is emotion, music is memory'. And we want to create these emotions!

Can you give the young producers out there a golden studio/production tip?

S.I. Be unique, aim for the highest level out there, dare to be different. For example use other synths and listen to multiple genres to get inspired. Challenge your creativity!

Thank you both so much for taking the time to chat with us! We can’t wait to hear what’s next!

S.I. Thank you!

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