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Formula E resident EJ's has Q&A on his latest Garuda release 'No More Chances'!

September 04, 2018

What inspired the artwork for “No More Chances”
With all the travelling that I do I’ve always loved skylines and scenic places, so we wanted to reflect that in the artwork style across all EJ releases”

Since you love driving so much, which music is your road trip guilty pleasure?
It has to be Pacific Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco. Absolutely stunning. So many musical guilty pleasures, but for this I am going with Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

Now that the 2017/18 Formula E race season has finished, how do you spend a typical day?
Its all about getting music out there at the moment. I’m very busy working with other producers and singers finishing off some really exciting stuff that is coming out later this year and the start of next. All that coupled with a well-earned break and enjoying the sunshine in London which we don’t get very often but this summer has been roasting.

What has been your 2018 Summer touring highlight?
It has to be my performance on the main stage in Zurich for Formula E. It was just before the podium and we had around 100,000 turn up to the race that day so it was packed. The crowd were amazing and we were right next to the lake on a sunny day. Couldn’t have been better.

Your new partnership with Garuda seems to keep on growing! Are there any exciting plans for the winter months?
Yeah as I mentioned before I am working on further release that are due out later this year. I’ve just finished a new vocal that is going on one of the tracks that I am really excited about. Then there is a more ‘in depth’ music project in 2019. You will have to watch this space for that one but its going to be sick!

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