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Pre-order Aly & Fila - Rising Sun

May 14, 2010
Their debut album ‘Rising Sun’, is the result of their life-long passion for the trance genre and all its treasures.

Aly & Fila are proud to present to you: Rising Sun.

It all started somewhere between the Mediterranean and Red Sea. It’s the ‘black land’ of Egypt, where the story of Aly & Fila came to life. 5000 years of genesis - including its world-famous pharaohs, pyramids and ancient civilization - later, another thing became part of its culture. Pure trance music, from the hands of Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib.

For Aly & Fila, things really kicked off in 2003, when their ‘Eye of Horus’ turned into a big club hit, played out by all trance-minded A-list DJ’s. It would soon be clear that the Egyptian producers were much more than a one-hit wonder. In the years following, Aly & Fila released a slew of club-scorching, chart-hitting trance tracks and remixes, of which ‘Spirit of Ka’, ‘Ankh – Breath of Life’ and ‘Lost Language’ managed to put millions of trance fans into a frenzy. Outside the studio, Aly & Fila became known for their all round appeal to audiences around the globe. All the energy of their gigs at major festivals, nightclubs and events came together in the 2009 DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, where Aly & Fila climbed all the way to the 22nd position. To Aly & Fila however, their journey in music is about more than just popularity. Clear evidence of that, is their very own ‘Future Sound of Egypt’ label, part of Armada Music. The label is set up to release high quality trance by some of the world’s most talented and passionate producers.

Aly & Fila feel right at home in that group. Their debut album ‘Rising Sun’, is the result of their life-long passion for the trance genre and all its treasures. On ‘Rising Sun’, the guys join forces with talented vocalists and producers such as Tiff Lacey, Sue McLaren, Josie, Denise Rivera, Philippe El Sisi, Bjorn Akesson and many more. The characteristic sound of Aly & Fila, uplifting and euphoric trance, is represented in all tracks of debut album ‘Rising Sun’, bringing you one disk of pure energy.

'Rising Sun' will be out in stores May 28th, 2010. Pre-order the album on iTunes now!

Check the previews of 'Rising Sun' on the Armada Music YouTube channel! We upload 2 new tracks everyday.

Tracklist Aly & Fila - Rising Sun
1. Medellin (vs. Activa)
2. Crowe It Will Be Ok (feat. Katherine)
3. My Mind Is With You (feat. Denise Rivera)
4. Rosaires
5. Listening (feat. Josie)
6. Menes
7. Still (feat. Sue McLaren)
8. Perfect Red (vs. Bjorn Akesson)
9. I Can Hear You (feat. Sue McLaren)
10. Without You (The Never Knowing) (vs. Philippe El Sisi feat. Senadee)
11. Paradise (feat. Tiff Lacey)
12. Khepera
13. Sandgroper
14. Breeze (feat. Jass)
15. Rising Sun

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