Pop Award goes to Armin van Buuren

January 12, 2008
Armin van Buuren wins Dutch Pop Award.

Armin van Buuren wins Dutch Pop Award!
22nd Dutch popaward goes to DJ/Producer Armin van Buuren
12 januari 2007
On Saturday the 12th of January the most prestigieus Dutch Music award the 'Buma Cultuur Pop Award' has been given to Dutch DJ and Producer Armin van buuren. His brother, Eller, received the award (10.000 Euros and a Statue of Theo Mackaay) at the Bumacultuur area in the Oosterpoort in Groningen, in name of Armin, since he is touring in the South of America at the moment.
The 'Buma Cultuur Pop Award' has been the most important Dutch musician award since 1986, when Mathilde Santing won the first edition. The winner is judged by his or her artistic achievements, national and international success and the steadiness of the musician. Previous winners are Mathilde Santing (1986), The Nits (1987), Claw Boys Claw (1988), Herman Brood (1989), Urban Dance Squad (1990), The Ex (1991), The Scene (1992), Bettie Serveert (1993), 2 Unlimited (1994), Osdorp Posse (1995), Eboman (1996), Marco Borsato (1997), Junkie XL (1998), Postmen (1999), Arling & Cameron (2000), Anouk (2001), Tiësto (2002), Blof (2003), Ali B (2004), Within Temptation (2005) and Spinvis (2006).
Armin van Buuren caught the eye of the judges because of his big tours all around the world, his radio show 'A State Of Trance' and his music productions throughout his career. They praise him for being an ambassador of Holland, for taking his music and sound throughout the whole world.
The jury contained the following people: Guus Bleyerveld (BV Pop), Gert Gering (013), Ben Houdijk (Radio 3FM), Gijsbert Kamer (De Volkskrant), Jan Douwe Kroeske (Double 2), Peter Sikkema (Oosterpoort/Noorderslag), Gert van Veen (freelance journalist). The head of the jury was Hans Kosterman (Buma Cultuur/BV Pop/FNV Kiem)

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