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Phats & Small - 'Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You)' [Official Music Video]

May 06, 2016

Oh, the memories. Phats & Small's 'Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You)' was one of the most inspiring House tunes in the late '90s and it returns in a multitude of forms and shapes to get the amassed crowds cheering and chanting again. Taking the spotlight are CALVO's groove-heavy remix, Futuristic Polar Bears' briskly-paced progressive rendition, Maison & Dragen's classic take on the record and Mousse T's Dirty Dub. Add to that the sweet sensations of the original that captivated the whole world nearly two decades ago and you know for sure that this timeless tune is back in business.

Listen or download: Phats & Small - Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You)

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