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Perfecto Records - 'Ibiza 2014' [out now]

July 25, 2014

At last the Ibiza season is here once again and it wouldn't be complete without a Perfectly Perfecto collection of Ibiza music. "Ibiza 2014" is a collection of blissful to kicking beats that will be the soundtrack for all those Balearic beach bums heading to the While Isle overt the coming months. Packed with exclusive material from Perfecto and Fluoro the compilation showcases all sides and styles of our artist roster.

Featuring music from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Marcus Schossow, Plump DJ's, Activa, 2Symmetry, Yonathan Zvi, Disfunktion and Starkillers - "Ibiza 2014" is the soundtrack to your Summer.

Included in the tracklist are two exclusive remixes that are exclusive to this compilation: The Paul Jacobson Deep Vibe remix of Paul Oakenfold's cover of "Café Del Mar" and Alexey Sonar's remix of the recent Active Limbic System single - "Karahana".

The album is available both as individual tracks and as a special continuous DJ mix.

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