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Paul Oakenfold - We Are Planet Perfecto, Vol. 3 - Vegas To Ibiza

August 09, 2013
"Vegas to Ibiza" is the latest chapter in Paul Oakenfold's annual We Are Planet Perfecto mix compilation series.

"Vegas to Ibiza" is the latest chapter in Paul Oakenfold's annual We Are Planet Perfecto mix compilation series.

On this volume Paul dedicates one CD each to the two most exciting and prestigious clubbing destinations in the world - Ibiza and Las Vegas.

We all know the legendary story of how Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway went over to Ibiza in the summer of 1987 to visit friends Trevor Fung and Ian St Paul who were working on the Island. This life changing trip and the experiences had on it went on to be the main catalyst in creating a new party scene in London based on electronic music - which then rapidly spread across the country and eventually far beyond.

Years later Paul Oakenfold's involvement in the early stages of Las Vegas's electronic scene was also to play a significant role in the subsequent rapid growth and evolution of now gigantic EDM scene of the US.

Being the first international DJ to have a residency in Vegas, with his long running weekly Planet Perfecto parties at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino & Hotel complex, Paul Oakenfold set the tone for what went on to become America's mecca for electronic music. Now most international headliners take up residencies at the long list of high end clubs and venues that have spawned over the last five years - and the country's youth flock there in ever increasing numbers - hungry to experience cutting edge electronic performances from world's DJing elite.

From his big room electro house sets in Vegas to the upbeat, melodic trance you'd hear Paul play in Ibiza - We Are Planet Perfecto vol. 3 expresses the full spectrum of flavours you could expect to experience from an Oakenfold live performance at either destination.

This is a beautifully crafted two and a half hour journey - compiled, edited and mixed by the original EDM master craftsman and pioneer.

Featuring music from: Underworld, Sander van Doorn, Mark Knight, Eddie Halliwell, Simon Patterson, Thomas Datt, Mike Hawkins, Moe Aly, Disfunktion, Blazer, Angry Man and of course Paul Oakenfold.

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