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Paul Oakenfold feat. Infected Mushroom - I'm Alive

October 28, 2011
As featured on Paul Oakenfold's recent compilation "Nevermind the Bollocks…here's Paul Oakenfold".

As featured on Paul Oakenfold's recent compilation "Nevermind the Bollocks…here's Paul Oakenfold".
A collaboration with Paul Oakenfold is always going to be a newsworthy item but when two headliners with roots firmly in the Goa trance scene come together……the excitement levels get turned up to eleven!
To pioneer your own sub genre in dance music today is no easy task and yet this is exactly what the hugely popular Infected Mushroom have done over the last 14 years - spearheading the Psychedelic Trance movement.
With nearly 700,000 fans on Facebook eagerly waiting to hear what the band will do next, it comes as little surprise that Infected Mushroom have racked up well over 14 million hits on Youtube, sold hundreds of thousands of records, consistently ranked highly in the DJ mag top 100 poll, sold out countless arenas with their explosive live show, or that members of The Doors and Janes Addiction are among some of their recent high profile studio collaborators.
Paul Oakenfold and Infected Mushroom's single "I'm Alive" is a mesmerizing blend of killer acid lines, infectious trademark vocals from front man Duvdev and a hook that has literally whipped crowds into a frenzy the world over at both Paul and Infected's live shows.
On the remix the super talented Sonic Element stamps his own trademark liquid trance sound on the package, as does Perfecto Fluoro fav Magnus. On the back of his killer remix of "Birds" that Paul Oakenfold has been hammering for the last 6 months - breaks pioneer
Line of Sight was recruited to give what is sure to become a classic Fluoro sounding mix and up and coming psy producers System Nipel complete the package nicely with a version aimed at the purists.
We're completely Infected. Come too close and you will be too.
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I'm Alive (Original Mix) (04:38)
I'm Alive (Sonic Element Remix) (08:07)
I'm Alive (Line of Sight Remix) (08:24)
I'm Alive (Magnus Dub Mix) (07:50)
I'm Alive (Sonic Element Dub Mix) (08:07)
I'm Alive (System Nipel Remix) (07:54)

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