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December 05, 2019
Though already embedded and acclaimed in today’s music culture, the sound of Pablo Nouvelle remains elusive to this day. A collage of eclectic textures enfolded in lush atmospheres, his music tends to blur its own boundaries to create inspiring stories, offering only a sneak peek of the bigger picture. And now, the Swiss musician builds on that with another sonic wonder: a seven-piece album going by the name of ‘Atlas Internet Café’.

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Infused with downtempo electronica whilst flirting with its creator’s trip-hop roots, ‘Atlas Internet Café’ is free from any lyrics, leaving room for the listeners to become the narrator themselves. Like a mixtape, the songs themselves become undone and float into another whilst leaving the essence of this album untouched.

Like the internet cafe Pablo Nouvelle used to pass by every day on his way to his studio in Seven Sisters, London, this album calls out to the world in hopes of connecting different cultures. And judging by the range of amazing singles on this album – from the dreamy melodies in 'Melatonin' to the velveteen vibe of ‘Prelude’ – there’s no doubt it will widen its listeners’ horizons as well.

Pablo Nouvelle: “Atlas Internet Cafe is more like one big body of work than just the sum of its parts. The audio aesthetic flirts with the golden trip-hop era from the late 90s and early 00s, and the goal was to abolish the front(wo)man and go back to the roots of Pablo Nouvelle: creating instrumental music that is multilayered, eclectic and colorful enough to keep the listeners’ ears close.”

Since bursting into the scene, Pablo Nouvelle has more than earned his stripes. Having mastered a range of different styles and influences that thrive in the gentle, soulful mixture of sound he calls his own, he is an in-demand remixer and producer who has worked with the likes of Jessie Reyez, Anne-Marie, Bruno Major and Josef Salvat, all the while stepping up on remix duty for Aurora, Gorgon City and Marina & the Diamonds. When Pablo Nouvelle isn’t pursuing music, he is an acclaimed animation filmmaker with three award-winning short films to his name. 'In A Nutshell’, his latest, was longlisted for an Oscar.

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