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Pablo Nouvelle drops title track of upcoming album: 'Wired' (Feat. Lulu James)

November 17, 2017

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Off the back of first album single ‘I Want For Nothing’, Pablo Nouvelle has come forth with the title track of his forthcoming album. With ‘Wired’, the Swiss producer and live act not only shows the many different facets and colors of the album, but also makes sure each and every listener gets inescapably hooked from the get-go.

Immersed in gentle atmospheres and Lulu James’ soulful vocals, ‘Wired’ is one of the reasons why Pablo Nouvelle’s new album is so highly anticipated amongst his fans. Laced with brushing pads and impeccably placed percussion, the song is a bargain in terms of replay value and remains flawlessly enthralling from the first note till the last.

“I think ‘Wired’ has become a very eclectic album with everything from dark club tunes to pop songs and more relaxed organic tracks”, says Pablo Nouvelle about the album. “The moment I finished ‘All I Need’, I had already began working on new songs that eventually became part of ‘Wired’. At that time, I had just moved to Zürich and dove into the vibrant club scene of the city. That certainly lets some traces on some of the album tracks, especially on ‘Wired’.”

Lulu James: “I remember quickly feeling completely sucked into this track. Pablo made it very easy for me to freely dance my words and emotion around the sounds he chose to work with, leading us down this hypnotic, sexy and moody journey. We paint this picture of colors pulsing out of darkness.”

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