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Out now: Prague '11 Full Versions Vol. 1

April 16, 2011
If you loved the Markus Schulz city compilation, you'll love the Full Version package!

With the ‘09 and ‘10 installments having focused on new dance republics in North America, 2011 sees Markus Schulz’s city-hopping compilation series make its return to mainland Europe. Last visiting in 2008 with ‘Amsterdam’, this new outing sends the series in the opposite direction and homes in on one of Eastern Europe’s most awe-inspiring capitals…

Markus:"Personally ‘Prague’11’ is designed to reflect not only what’s happening in the city in the hear-&-now, but also my many musical experiences in the Czech Republic at large. Underground spots like Mecca, multitier super-clubs like SaSaZu & world-class arena events like Transmission have all cumulatively played their part. The clubbing population has embraced trance & progressive music on a grand scale and this is me holding a mirror up to it."

If you loved the compilation, you'll love the Full Version package! Including the Full Version tracks of Pobsky, Danilo Ercole, Snatt & Vix, Rex Mundi, Mr. Pit, Thomas Cresine & many more!

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