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Out now: Nervo feat. Ollie James - Irresistible

October 18, 2010
Get the Remix package on Beatport & the original version on iTunes now!

They say women are pretty good in multitasking. Whoever doubts this statement, should keep an eye out for the Australian duo Nervo. Liv and Mim sing, produce and DJ. But that’s not the end of their musical story. The two of them also write successful songs for big names such as Armin van Buuren and David Guetta. And even that's not all, cause they also produce their very own productions, under the name of Nervo.

Their latest masterpiece of a contagious house track has already entered the Beatport Top Ten and keeps causing a heavy stir on the international floors. ‘Irresistible’, energetic and euphoric in its build up, turns out to be one of the biggest anthems of this year's autumn. With the vocals of British singer Ollie James, this one gets stuck on replay right after you’ve downloaded it from iTunes!

And if you can’t resist the original version, be sure to check out the TV Rock, Chuckie & Gregori Klosman and Beckwith remixes, all in 'The Remixes' pack, out now exclusively on Beatport!

Download the original version on iTunes!

Download the 'The Remixes' pack on Beatport!

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