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Out now: Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 3

June 04, 2010
For the next instalment of Roger Shah's pre-season audio-postcards to the White Isle, he returns with chapter 3 of ‘Magic Island: Music For Balearic People’.

For the next instalment of Roger Shah's pre-season audio-postcards to the White Isle, he returns with chapter 3 of ‘Magic Island: Music For Balearic People’.

Everyone who has ever taken an Ibiza-bound flight has been influenced and inspired in some way by the island. Few though have felt its magnetic pull to quite the same degree as Shah. Musically every move he’s made in the last 5 years has stemmed from his attachment to the great White Isle and his expedition to capture musically as much of its essence as possible continues with his new compilation album.

Vol. 3 again brings 160 minutes of previously unheard music, all entirely exclusive to the album. Mixed together in super-immersive fashion by Roger, each disc moves through a sound arc, from the daytime trappings of sun, beach and bar, and on (with perfect tone & tempo progression) into the night… and into the clubs.

Magic Island aficionados will know that Shah uses these albums as the first listen-in points for the tracks he’ll be using as his prime dance-floor rockers during his round-the-world-and-back summer season.

Following the runaway success of his ‘Lost’ track, Roger has re-teamed with Zara Taylor to deliver ‘Found’ – its beatific, luminous sequel. To the doubtless delight of fans (‘Lost’ was after all the no.1 track on the no.1 trance radio show in 2008) ‘Found’ will become the first track to spin off as a single from the album. Also on the re-collaboration tip, Roger has made a speedy return to the studio with Signum’s Ronald Hagen. After their Beatport chart-busting ‘Healesville Sanctuary’, the pair are back with another well-primed piece of floor-artillery in the shape of ‘Ancient World’. Another of Roger’s most renowned pseudonyms kicks off MI:3 second disc. Co-crewed by Ralph ‘Fridge’ Fritsch, Black Pearl sets sail again (following up ‘Bounty Island’, ‘Coral Sea’ and ‘Java’) with the mellifluous, halcyon ‘Discovery’. Already the subject of fairly intense fan speculation (with Roger using the track to open his ASOT450 set in NYC), it was met by a flurry of ID request..

On the compilation Roger is also exploring new collaboration routes. ‘Eden’ is his debut team-up with Dutch DJ & producer Leon Bolier and the latter’s ‘trance with twist’ effect can clearly be heard on the moody atmosphere-laden number. At the opposite end of the scale ‘Lay Down’ (don’t let the title fool you!) is a peak-time vocal number with Ross Lara on co-production duties and Todd Wright on vocals.

The album also contains a number of solo outings from Roger; included among them are ‘Over and Over’ which on-the-ball fans will recognize from his Songbook long-player. Roger has given the Nadja Nooijen sung track a more club-energizing feel on his 2010 remix and it will quickly follow ‘Found’ out of the gate as a single. This summer Roger will undertake his first ever solo show, which will take place on ‘Guaba Beach in Cyprus. ‘Guaba Beach’ the track will naturally enough become the anthem for the event!

Aside from all Shah-fired audio attractions there are also white-hot new tracks spread across the melodic-thru-euphoric trance range to look out for from young guns like Nuera, Walsh & Mcauley, Pedro del Mar & The Ridgewalkers, Semantica, Dimension… the list goes on.

The Magic Island albums are a million light years away from the typical throwaway Ibiza compilation that haunts download stores and CD racks come summer. Each one is every inch a serious endeavour by Roger to capture the spirit and quintessence of the island through exclusive, relatable quality music. They are now becoming the last box-ticks on the to-do list of clued-up clubbers & beach lovers from around the world before they jump onboard airplanes and head Evissa-bound. Pt 3 should prove no different.

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Disc 1:
1. Nando – Third Person
2. Tucandeo presents Storyline feat. Jennifer Hershman – Unarmored Love
3. Dulac & Dubois feat. Szen – Turning
4. Dejan S – Behind The Mountains
5. Dimension presents Long Island feat. Anthya – Opposing Worlds
6. Nuera – Inside
7. SECTR 24 feat. Chelsea Lee – Say Goodbye (Johnny Yono Remix)
8. Irisdeejay feat. Maria Opale – Leave A Sign
9. Walsh & Mcauley feat. Antonia Lucas – I’m Only Human
10. Nuera – Nostalgic
11. High Noon At Salinas & Kyrst – Ocean Spray
12. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor – Found (Roger Shah Original Mix)
13. Dennis Nygren presents Kyrst – Kata Sea Breeze
14. Tomac – Good Karma
15. Walsh & Mcauley – Aestas

Disc 2:
1. Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch presents Black Pearl – Discovery (Intro Mix)
2. Semantica – Natural Wonders
3. Pedro Del Mar feat. Ridgewalkers – Tears Of The Dragon
4. Serafim – Terra Incognita
5. Dimension presents Long Island – Cies
6. Tucandeo presents Storyline feat. Anthya – Crystal Sky (The Flyers & Mike Sonar Remix)
7. Roger Shah & Ross Lara feat. Todd Wright – Lay Down (Roger Shah Mix)
8. Roger Shah & Tenisha feat. Lorilee – Catch A Cloud (Roger Shah Mix)
9. Roger Shah & Leon Bolier – Eden (Roger Shah Mix)
10. Roger Shah – Over & Over (Roger Shah 2010 Rework)
11. Kim Svärd – Manne’s Song
12. Roger Shah – Guaba Beach
13. Fast Distance feat. Solnce’ – Come With Me
14. Ronny K. – Change
15. Roger Shah & Signum – Ancient World (Roger Shah Long Haul Flight)

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