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Out now: Emma Hewitt - Burn The Sky Down

May 18, 2012

Making the world a little more colorful with each song, Australian singer/songwriter Emma Hewitt is proud to present her long-awaited debut album, 'Burn The Sky Down'. Fusing ambient and pop with electronic music, each track reveals a new side of the multi-talented songstress. While taking the listener on an eclectic ride into her private universe, Emma's warm voice lights the sky and shows exactly why the world is ready for her.

Having worked with EDM's producer elite and winning the 'Best Hi-NRG/Euro Track' award at the International Dance Music Awards of 2010 with Dash Berlin collaboration 'Waiting', has made Emma Hewitt one of the fastest rising names in dance land. Her characteristic and versatile voice became a favorite both in and outside the EDM scene. Outstanding live performances and acoustic sessions have made her a universal crowd favorite. With 'Burn The Sky Down', Emma Hewitt is ready to be more than a featured vocalist.

Thinking outside the box, the album slides down multiple genres and reaches far beyond the expected. Emma: "I didn't particularly focus on being driven by a specific genre or style so much for the album. I really tried to let each song be what I felt it should be, so stylistically it is quite eclectic, although there is definitely a common thread running through the entirety. We worked with producer Lee Groves on the album, he has worked with artists such as Marilyn Manson, Gwen Stefani and Depeche Mode, so he was great at creating the ambient soundscapes we were looking for. I wanted to cover some different territory to what people may have traditionally heard or expected from me, and to show that no matter what style the tracks were produced in, the essence and spirit of the songs remained the same. In the end we have a landscape of different moods and dynamics that will hopefully take the listener on a bit of a journey. Each song will have an ambient, or slightly pop version as well as all the various dance remixes."

'Burn The Sky Down' brings you the warm and welcoming 'Colours', the driving 'Foolish Boy', dark and seductive 'Rewind' and 'Crucify', and the haunting 'State That I'm In' amongst many other musical jewels. Bursting with touching lyrics, strong vocals and heart-rending melodies, this is Emma Hewitt in full flight.

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Emma Hewitt Tour dates:
May 03 Venue, Vancouver, Canada
May 05 Part of Dash Berlin’s ‘#musicislife’ tour, Six flags, Mexico city
May 11 Part of Dash Berlin’s ‘#musicislife’ tour, Espacio San Pedro, Monterrey
May 12 Part of Dash Berlin’s ‘#musicislife’ tour, Guadalajara
May 18 Electric Daisy Carnival (with Cosmic Gate) , New York, NY
May 26 Avalon 21+ (with Cosmic Gate), Los Angeles, CA
May 27 Avalon 18+ (with Cosmic Gate), Los Angeles, CA
June 01 Entrance, Medan, Indonesia
June 02 Illigals, Jakarta, Indonesia
June 08 Republic (with Cosmic Gate), Winnipeg, Canada
June 09 Electric Daisy Carnival (with Cosmic Gate), Las Vegas, NV
June 21 Big Love Festival (with Cosmic Gate), Chengdu, China
June 23 Innovation White (with Cosmic Gate), Manila, Philippines
June 28 Sutra OC, Costa Mesa, CA
June 29 Flames Central (with Cosmic Gate), Calgary, Canada
July 01 Marquee Pool (with Cosmic Gate), Las Vegas, NV
July 07 Makronissos Beach (with Cosmic Gate), Aiya Napa, Cyprus

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