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Out now: Best of State Recordings

May 05, 2010
On the Best Of State Recordings, you’ll be taken on a ride into the State Recordings sound...

The Spanish ambassadors of tech-house, Simon & Shaker, launched their State Recordings with one goal only: to fill every corner of the world with deep bass, playful details and groovy melodies. State Recordings doesn’t only present their own tracks and remixes but anything fitting a rough, tough and mesmerizing sound.

On the Best Of State Recordings, you’ll be taken on a ride into the State Recordings sound – with tracks by Outsiders, Blake Jarrell, Ismael Rivas & Luis Damora, Presslaboys and of course..Simon & Shaker themselves!

Download the State Recordings pack on iTunes now!

  1. Simon & Shaker vs. Groove Garcia - Soultech! (Simon & Shaker Remix)
  2. Outsiders - Hallowed (David Amo & Julio Navas Remix)
  3. Blake Jarrell Presents Thraser - Hosoi (Simon & Shaker Remix)
  4. Ismael Rivas & Luis Damora - To Take Away (Groove Garcia Remix)
  5. Simon & Shaker presents Teramik - South Face (Original Mix)
  6. Simon & Shaker presents Teramik - Plastic Upgrades (Original Mix)
  7. Simon & Shaker As The Sundayprayers - La Noche Del Cometa (Original Mix)
  8. Simon & Shaker feat. D-Formation - Starstuff (The Bladerunning Mixes '09) (Simon & Shaker '09 Mix)
  9. Simon & Shaker - Panorama (Original Mix) (08:00)
  10. Presslaboys - Gigitech (Original Mix)
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