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September 24, 2009
We're still more than proud to be the world's number one dance music channel on YouTube.

We're still more than proud to be the world's number one dance music channel on YouTube. To be sure you don't miss out on any new releases, exclusives or previews, we keep uploading new videos, and expand our Armada Channel with related channels. In July, our channel reached more than 100 million views, growing with an average of half a million views a day.

Our goal is to have all releases of our labels online, and keep feeding them with the new ones.
Since we don't want you to get lost inside all of our content, here's an overview of all the related sub-channels we have to offer.

Armada Music
All major releases - from artist albums to digital downloads and compilations to key single releases - can be found on our main channel. You'll find the latest official music videos there, alongside specials on our artists, info on the Armada Nights and album previews.

You'll find all links to the related channels here as well. Subscribe to this channel and you'll stay updated on every fresh and new piece of music.

Armin van Buuren

A number one DJ can't do without a number one YouTube channel. For every Armin fan, his YouTube channel is the place to be, to be sure you don't miss out on exclusive previews of his ASOT and Universal Religion compilations, old and new music videos, Armin Only footage and loads of extra's.
Even his A State of Trance podcast, from episode 1 to today, can be found there.

Armind Recordings

The beloved Armind label has been feeding the music scene with strong trancy releases for years already . The Armind label will always have a special place in the heart of Armada, being the first imprint. Tried and tested by the sweet little Armind Angel, you can be sure that every release is a big one. One that deserves that Armin halo on top. With Armin van Buuren as the proud owner of this label, you can be sure all tracks will be a grand success.
On the Armind Recordins YouTube channel, you won't only find all of the release, but also some footage of Armin van Buuren's Armin Only show, his music videos, the A State of Trance podcast and timeless classics.

A State of Trance Recordings

For the best selection in trance music, the A State of Trance Youtube channel is what you need. Based on Armin van Buuren's radioshow, with millions of listeners every week, you can be sure the tunes on this label work. The channel features info about the A State of Trance compilations, exclusive previews of the ASOT Top 15 downloads, future and past classics and Armin van Buuren music videos.

Captivating Sounds

Combine a tougher big-room sound with the sensitivity in trance, and Captivating Sounds is the outcome. No need to look any further, cause the tunes on this one will be rocking your speakers. The one thing that binds the tracks on this channel, is that they're all there to please the masses and destroy the dancefloor with an unforgettable impact.

On this channel, you'll find a special selection of Captivating Sound tracks and music videos.

Coldharbour Recordings

Markus Schulz has got himself a steady foundation with the Coldharbour label. Known for their lovely dark, deep and moody progressive sounds, the productions on Coldharbour always manage to turn some heads. The Coldharbour channel contains exclusive previews of Markus Schulz compilations and albums, all Coldharbour and Coldharbour Red releases and samplers.

Dash Berlin

The Dash Berlin movement started to set things alight in early 2007, when 'Till The Sky Falls Down' became one of the biggest trance hits that season. Many more followed, as well as big Dash Berlin remixes. Within a matter of time, the Dash Berlin sound was travelling across the globe, leaving the many music-seeking souls gasping for air.

In 2008 Dash Berlin launched Aropa Records, a label officially part of the Armada Music group. A vocal collab with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren on 'Man On The Run' was the second massive hit in Dash Berlin's catalogue. Next part of their master plan was to bring new Dash Berlin sounds to the masses. The first Dash Berlin artist album, 'The New Daylight' will do actually that.

On the Dash Berlin YouTube channel you'll find unique party reports of Dash Berlin's gigs, official music videos, previews of 'The New Daylight' and teasers of new releases.

DJ Download Mix

To complete the overview of all digital Armada releases, we set up www.djdownloadmix.com .
From relaxing chill-out to the most uplifting trance, on DJ Download mix you'll find mix-albums and download-packages in all genres and by all major Armada artists. It doesn't only give you

The DJ Download Mix YouTube channel gives you a preview of what these digital mixes and bundles are all about. Searching for the right music has never been this easy.

Markus Schulz

Coldharbour Recordings owner and number 8 DJ in the world, Markus Schulz, likes to keep in close touch with his fans. His monthly video blog is a great reflection of that, as he replies to sent-in questions from fans and tells us what is coming up for him that month. On his YouTube page you'll also find all of his music videos, different and artistic to match the true Coldharbour sound. But that's not all. Fan videos, album specials and previews are also there to feed the hungry Markus Schulz fan.

Morrison Recordings

The Morrison Recordings label, set up by Canadian producer/DJ Glenn Morrison, features some of the best tracks in house, progressive and far beyond. Deep, diverse, digging sounds you'll find on there. With artists like Zoo Brazil, Musetta, 16 Bit Lolita's, Astrid Suryanto and of course Glenn himself, the label has plenty of talent to show off. On the Morrison Recordings YouTube channel the new sounds triumph, with videos of the latest releases with all the info you need.

Pilot 6 Recordings

The Pilot 6 Recordings label is like a gasp of fresh air. With sturdy progressive, housy highlights and trancy influences, the tracks on this one will surely be turning some heads. The Pilot 6 Recordings YouTube channel is the place to find all tracks of this impressive imprint.


Swedish house-master Stonebridge has been part of the dance movement for more than 20 years already. It's been more than 15 years since Stoney's remix of ultimate club classic 'Robin S - Show Me Love' awakened a storm of international success. With gigs all around the globe, setting up his own Stoney Boy label, 2 artist albums, 96 releases and hundreds of remixes, he worked himself up to be the critically acclaimed superstar he is today. The Stoneyboy imprint is the perfect place to introduce his sounds to the rest of the world. And that's exactly what happens on the StoneBridge YouTube channel. Find all sexy, deep, proggy, big room and fresh house releases on this channel!

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