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Orjan Nilsen interview

November 29, 2010
Thrilled by the infinite options of dance music and its styles, Ørjan Nilsen stands out with a sound too diverse to fit just one genre.

Thrilled by the infinite options of dance music and its styles, Ørjan Nilsen stands out with a sound too diverse to fit just one genre. The Norwegian producer doesn't only know how to make us sway in summer, but also how to keep us warm when the temperature drops. His 'Lovers Lane' and 'So Long Radio' still haunt the speakers, but it's time for a new blend to swirl into dance-land. 'Shoutbox', out on the Captivating sounds label, is about to do the dancefloor trick. And there's even more to come, for Ørjan is currently exploring his creative mind, to be able to deliver his first artist album in 2011. Big things are ahead, and they're coming fast. Who's ready for Ørjan Nilsen?

Hey Ørjan! First of all – it’s been a while, how are you?

Ørjan:"Hi there, yes it’s been way too long. I’m doing great at the moment, working like never before."

How has the summer been treating you? Any gigs that stood out for you personally?
Ørjan:"My summer was brilliant, and very productive. Well, nowadays I just love all gigs, it’s always fun meeting new people and seeing new places, so I would say they all stood out."

Your track ‘So Long Radio’, which hit the stores earlier this year, is still going strong. What can you tell us about this track? It’s a real mix of influences!
Ørjan:"Ah yes, 'So Long Radio'. This one, along with ‘La Guitarra’ is my personal favorite, cause I just didn’t follow any kind of recipe. I thought of this melody quite a while back, and thought I’d try to make whatever compliments it. Apparently,  what complimented it was a blend of almost everything."

The summer-minded ‘So Long Radio’ is completely different from its guitar based follow up ‘Lovers Lane’, which focuses on melody and build-up. How did this track came into being?
Ørjan:"That’s a completely different story as well. When I was around 16 and sat in my room playing with one of my synths, and just ended up playing that melody, unfortunately back then I didn’t have the knowledge or equipment to finish it. So for many years, I had forgotten about that melody, until a stormy Thursday when I just sat down in my studio and fiddled around with a few sounds and melodies. It’s still a bit of an enigma how I remembered that one, but luckily I did.
With that said, 'Lovers Lane' was a bit of a nemesis to me as well, struggled for quite some time before I was REALLY satisfied."

‘So Long Radio’ and ‘Lovers Lane’ are just two examples of your diverse sound. Whether we’re talking about shaking house, banging electro or deep progressive – it seems that everything you touch turns into danceable gold. Considering all this diversity – what do you personally think is the best description of the true Ørjan Nilsen sound?

Ørjan:"Been asked that question a few times, and I always need to think real hard to define it…
So you know what? I can’t describe it other than being… Me.. The sounds you’re hearing is me, and how I feel and think."

You’re currently busy with your first artist album, which will see the light in 2011. Is the time right for your debut album? Is the world ready for you?
Ørjan:"I think the time is EXACTLY right!! I have sooo much inspiration right now, it’s not even logical! It seems like I have so many things that need to get to the surface, and I’m showing that through my music. But if the world’s ready? Hehe, better ask the world! ;)"

And how is it going so far?
Ørjan:"It’s going incredibly fast, it just comes easy to me these days, and I’m so happy it’s now!
Loads of new tracks are done, and more will come!"

How will you reflect your diverse sound onto the album  – Is there anything you can already tell us about the tracks on there?
Ørjan:"Diverse would describe it PERFECTLY! I’ve merged so many styles together, made so many new things (which I hope people will like, I enjoy experimenting a bit) and I hope it reflects both the past and the future, as well as the present of course."

You’re known for catchy instrumentals with huge melodies. Are you planning on using some vocals in your upcoming productions?
Ørjan:"Most definitely, I love vocals, the way a voice can give me chills all over, AND be a part of the production? It’s so much fun!"

What else can we expect in the next months? Is there a new single coming up?
Ørjan:"Well, we start off with my track ‘Shoutbox!’ which was included on my Trance World Vol. 9 compilation, that one finally sees the light of day, and I'm really happy about it!
And of course, a track MANY people have been waiting for, ‘DJ Governor – Shades Of Grey’ will be released in December, really looking forward to that, and there might be an extra surprise on that release!"

Lately, you also remixed Strobe’s ‘Liebe’ and your remix of Armin's 'Gaia - Aisha' has hit the stores as well. These reworks are just a few of your countless remarkable remixes. Do you already have an upcoming one in stores for us?
Ørjan:"Ah yes indeed, a remix I’m REALLY proud of, my remix of the immortal ‘Whiteroom ft. Amy Cooper – Someday’ will hit the stores in not too long, I’m playing that one during almost all of my gigs! Aaand… a VERY special remix I was asked to do a little while back, something that was an honor to remix, but very difficult, cause it’s to this day one of my favorite tracks. I wish I could tell you a bit more about it, but I'm gonna keep that one a little bit of a secret for now."

We're pretty sure the secret will be unlocked soon. For now, the one thing to be revealed is that the new single 'Shoutbox' is out now!

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