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One day left to vote for the Trance Top 1000!

November 29, 2011
Voting closes on November 30th, so hurry up and vote for your 10 ultimate Trance classics!

Thousands of trance lovers have already left their vote. They let us know which 10 trance tracks are their all-time favourites, so we can eventually answer the big question: which classic will be chosen as the ultimate trance track this year?

Last year, history’s first independent Trance Top 1000 was revealed, making up for a mix of old, young and future classics. Delerium’s ‘Silence’, Rank 1 ‘s ‘Airwave’ and Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’ made up for the Top 3 of most beloved Trance classics. Nearly 100.000 votes for more than 10.000 tracks and remixes came in, revealing the many special memories that music can bring.

This year, we returned with a new round of voting! Voting closes on November 30th, so you only have ONE DAY left to influence the outcome of the Trance Top 1000! Hurry up and cast your vote via now!

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