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New Subculture label by John O'Callaghan

January 15, 2010
Armada Music and John O'Callaghan are proud to announce that a new label has been added to the Armada Music family: Subculture!

Armada Music and John O'Callaghan are proud to announce that a new label has been added to the Armada Music family: Subculture! The Subculture label of the number one Irish DJ and producer John O'Callaghan will kick off January 18th, with a release by the label-owner himself. The exact right timing for the current number 24 in the DJ Mag Top 100, who has exciting plans with Subculture. John: "I want to provide a label which has consistency and is known for solid, quality releases."

Working together
Armada Music and John have been working together for over 5 years. Besides various releases on different imprints, John released his second artist album, 'Never Fade Away', at Armada Music in early 2009. Having Armada Music as the official home to the Subculture label, was a natural choice to John. John:"We have been working together for a while now, and they did a great job with my artist album. I am a bit of a perfectionist with my projects, so I wanted to choose the right way to start my label and the right company to work with. These days it's very hard to start from scratch with a label to get the distribution and onto the shops without some headaches, so I'm glad to be working with Armada for many reasons."

The Sound of Subculture
Subculture is named after John's radioshow, that's been running for over 3 years. In October 2009, John also released a mix compilation called 'Subculture'. The Subculture label is an elaboration to these two projects and will reflect his sound and showcase new talent within the trance and tech-trance scene. John:"It will represent trance with a cutting edge, and tech-trance with something more than what I think is floating around now. I will be doing my best to root out strictly the best tunes out there. Quality...not quantity."

The first release
Both Armada Music and John O'Callaghan are looking forward to working together. The first Subculture release, 'John O'Callaghan - Striker' will be released on January 18th with a remix by upcoming talent Ummet Ozcan. John:"'Striker' is a big tech-trancer by myself called 'Striker'. It's a melody I had sitting on my studio for over 2 years and finally got to do something with it. The remix is by someone who I really highly rate. It's by Ummet Ozcan - and he did an amazing job, this guy is going places! The 2nd release is by a hot new UK producer which we won't announce yet...and we have secured a Giuseppe Ottaviani remix - which is massive news for the label. The 3rd release is under construction right now but expect work on the label in the future from Thomas Bronzwaer, Tom Colontonio...and perhaps some new projects of mine as well as a new Lost World and Joint Operations Centre. Exciting times ahead!"

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