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New releases on Armada (04)

January 18, 2010
New tracks by M.I.K.E. presents John O'Callaghan, Skytech, Paul Trainer, Kismet, Danilo Ercole and Nery!

John O'Callaghan - Striker
Brace yourself, for the brand new Subculture label has kicked off - and kicked in with heavy impact-track 'Striker'.
The Subculture label is the latest asset to the Armada Music family. The label, set up by the number 1 Irish DJ and producer, will reflect his sound and showcase new talent within the trance and tech-trance scene. John:"It will represent trance with a cutting edge, and tech-trance with something more than what I think is floating around now. We have seen tech-trance sway towards a really shuffle-y style which is cool, but in my taste - I prefer the more solid chunky tech-trance from a few years back. So I will be doing my best to root out strictly the best tunes out there. Quality...not quantity."

The very first Subculture release is one by John himself. Right after the success of his 'Never Fade Away' artist album and 'Subculture' compilation, he starts 2010 with his very own label and a new track to give it a swell kick-off. 'Striker' is a melodic piece of tech-trance that combines classic synths with techy stabs in the way only John is able to. John:"It's a melody I had sitting on my studio for over 2 years and finally got to do something with it. The remix of 'Striker' is by someone who I really highly rate. It's by Ummet Ozcan - and he did an amazing job, this guy is going places!" The Ummet Ozcan remix is a bit darker, and tips its toes around the more techier edge of trance.

The Subculture label couldn't have wished for a more striking opening to all the other good music coming up.

  1. Striker (Original Mix)
  2. Striker (Ummet Ozcan Remix)

Skytech - Solitude / Moonlit
It took Julian and Mateusz Dziewulski only two tracks to get themselves noticed. The Polish brothers made a swift start with their 'Cardboard Box', followed by 'Neon Warrior', representing a warm and progressive Coldharbour sound. Remixes for Markus Schulz' Dakota project and several other big tunes helped them build a steady foundation for their upcoming, unreleased treasures.
On their new EP, you'll find the same tasty formula of success, with a trancy and melodic 'Solitude' and darker, more proggy 'Moonlit'. Essential stuff for everyone into the Coldharbour sound!

  1. Solitude
  2. Moonlit

Paul Trainer - Elusive
The tech-trance forces are at full speed. One of the upcoming names that impressed the dancefloor movers most in 2009, was Paul Trainer. The Scotsman, that doesn't limit himself to one style, released some heavy-weights on the Captivating Sound imprint. 'Comply or Die' and 'Seize The Day' now see their official follow-up, but this time it's the A State of Trance label that snatched up this bit of beat-design. 'Elusive' serves a firm kick in the head, leaving its listeners in a total awe with its roaming synth, inflammable kick and banging beat. A techy gem like this doesn't come around very often. Irish DJ/Producer Gary Maguire treated this track as if it were his own - and gave 'Elusive' a groovy bite to it.

  1. Elusive (Original Mix)
  2. Elusive (Gary Maguire Remix)

Danilo Ercole - That Same Song Again
Sometimes it's a matter of only one bootleg before the pathway towards success unfolds itself. It was early 2007, that the tasteful progressive trance sound of Brazilian producer/DJ Danilo Ercole didn't go unnoticed. After a remix for Global Illumination beauty 'Tremble' on the Armind label, Danilo crash-landed into the dance scene, with the support of the DJ elite on his side.
After Coldharbour release 'Harbour' and S107 vocal track 'Broken Wings', Danilo kicks off the year with 'That Same Song Again'. A bit of a tricky name for a progressive clubcracker such as this one, cause yes please, we would like to hear 'That Same Song Again'! With a deep bass and provoking kicks, Ercole shows he's able to translate his Brazilian temperament into an inflammable proggy trancer for the dancefloor.
The Arty remix of 'That Same Song Again' kicks in with a higher pace and deeper, more techy impact.

  1. That Same Song Again (Original Mix)
  2. That Same Song Again (Arty Remix)

Nery - Unimaginable / The Man From Corn Valley / Timeless
A loud, uplifting trance sound is the talk of town in Lisbon, Portugal. Follow the music and you'll find out that it's all coming from the studio of Jose Nery. This youngster has his first release on the Magic Island label, with a triptych of high class uplifting trance.
'Unimaginable' was already featured on Roger Shah's 'Music For Balearic People Volume 2' compilation, leaving every listener in awe with its piano-driven trance sound and epic break.
'Timeless' rides the exact same sound, with a trancy original and more progressive Balearic mix. Last but not least, 'The Man From Corn Valley' represents Nery in all ways possible. A filmic break, catchy beat and trancy synth make this a true anthem for peak time moments on the floor.

  1. Unimaginable (Original Mix)
  2. Unimaginable (Emotional Mix)
  3. he Man From Corn Valley (Original Mix)
  4. The Man From Corn Valley (Club Mix)
  5. Timeless (Balearic Mix)
  6. Timeless (Club Mix)

Kismet - The Roll
There's no end to the inspirational waves that roll down Andreas Beiderwieden's studio. The German producer still has his remake of 'The Age of Love', which he released under his Andrew Bennett alias, floating around the airwaves. But a little diversity never harmed anyone, and so he feeds his Kismet story with a new chapter. His Kismet adventure, which kicked off in early 2008, has been one about strong releases and has been told in beats of progressive and delicate house. The first Kismet of 2010 reeds with the same easygoing, original speed, but bursts into the year with a crispy fresh sound. 'The Roll' is Kismet, fit for another year of skilled productions and unforgettable dancefloor moments.

  1. The Roll (Original Mix)
  2. The Roll (Re-Edit)
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