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New releases & exclusives (31)

August 04, 2010
New releases by Ashley Wallbridge, M.I.K.E., Timur Shafiev feat. Andrey Vedenyov, Menyo and more!

Ashley Wallbridge - Smoke / Rhythm
No smoke without a fire. When listening to productions like ‘Chimera’ and ‘Harrier’, you’ll hear that Ashley Wallbridge has fire in his belly when it comes down to thumping progressive rhythms. He’s done it before, burning it up with Andy Moor collab ‘Faces’ and raising temperature with his very own ‘Masquerade’, ‘Shotokan’ and ‘Harmonies’. Be sure, his ‘Smoke’ & ‘Rhythm’ is another AVA Recordings duo to be burnt in mind.
‘Smoke’ makes heavy but pleasant use of deep, melodic synth-lines and backs them with a tight progressive baseline. Its strong build-up makes you long for the very climax of the track. ‘Rhythm’ constantly builds and drops arrangements, turning into a big euphoric bomb in the break and then just as quickly dropping back into its roaring baseline.
Two new Ashley Wallbridge themes to fire up your party spirit!

  1. Smoke (Original Mix)
  2. Rhythm (Original Mix) [downloadnow][/downloadnow]

DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenlfold, John O’Callaghan, W&W, Dave Pearce, M.I.K.E, Eddie Halliwell, David Forbes, Myon & Shane 54, Greg Downey, Lange, Tydi, Sean Tyas, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Menno de Jong, Robert Nickson, Leon Bolier.

M.I.K.E. - Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010)
Mr. up to 60 faces did it again. Under his original M.I.K.E. moniker, he now comes up with another unequaled trance anthem. Saying that ‘Unity’ is a pleasure to the ears is like saying the earth is ‘quite big’. ‘Unity’ is different. It’s fit for almost every thinkable situation life offers you. Its lovely melody is propulsive and relaxing at the same time and so pleasant, you instantly feel the need to listen to the track again and again, without any sign of boredom. On the thin line of euphoria and melancholy, Belgian producer Mike Dierickx added a deep progressive baseline, rounding the track off perfectly.
Romanian producer Adrian Ivan a.k.a. Mr. Pit gave ‘Unity’ a completely different feel. The lovely melody still plays an important role in his rework, but alienated with spunned and twisted sounds, there’s even more dancefloor-potential to ‘Unity’ in his remix.

  1. Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010) (Original Mix)
  2. Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010) (Mr. Pit Remix) [downloadnow][/downloadnow]

DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor, Jorn van Deynhoven, Dash Berlin, Dave Pearce, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Lange, Menno de Jong, Simon Patterson, Tydi, Eddie Halliwell.

Various Artists - Magic Island Vol. 3 Sampler 02
The Magic island is once again open to visitors. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like over there: hot temperatures, clear blue skies, turquoise waters and of course soothing summer sounds to celebrate your visit. Balearic sounds expert Roger Shah – introducing the world to the miracle of Balearic trance with his Magical Island label – once again gathered his favorites of the ‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People Vol.3’ compilation to a sampler.
Like the previous sampler, it showcases the sounds of various upcoming talents. Firstly, Shah presents you DJ and producer Roland Kempny. Born in the Czech Republic but in the meantime living in London, he now presents ‘Change’, under his Ronny K. moniker. This dreamy uplifting trancer is full of euphoric synth-lines, setting the mood right for any beachparty – whether imaginary or real.
Once you’ve caught some inner sunbeams, you’re all ready track 2, ‘Natural Wonders’. When thinking about the polar day and night phenomena of Sweden, it’s no surprise to see what inspired its producer David Hedlund to the track title of this Semantica summer beauty.
Asbjørn Hegdahl, better known as Serafim, makes sure the focus of this sampler stays on the northern part of Europe. The guitar-driven ‘Terra Icognita’ is an emotive, sun-splashed instrumental, providing you the warm feel-good buzz of being on holiday.
All together, the three of them make up for a perfect playlist for a short beach-break, hosted by your speakers.

  1. Terra Incognita (Original Mix)
  2. Change (Original Mix)
  3. Natural Wonders (Original Mix) [downloadnow][/downloadnow]

Timur Shafiev feat. Andrey Vedenyov - Conqueror
Russian producers Timur Shafiev and Andrey Vedenyov are ready for big things ahead. Their first single ‘Conqueror’ is a dark, progressive attack, working all your senses. With its pumping baseline and tight synth-lines, it’s impossible to stand still. The ‘Conquerer’ awaits you with psy-trance related effects and a wide horizon of softening melodies in its break down. A killer-combi and absolute weapon on all floors.
Ilnaz Tarkhanov a.k.a. Cramp smoothened ‘Conqueror’ and made it more flowing. His rework is mesmerizing and uplifting in all ways and means.

  1. Conqueror (Original Mix)
  2. Conqueror (Cramp Remix) [downloadnow][/downloadnow]

Menyo - Follow Your Heart
Ever since his early teenage years, the Jamaica raised but New York residing singer Ray Darwin used music as his one and only outlet. He followed his heart and started singing in various rock and reggae bands. In the year 2002 his cover of The Animals’ ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ became a huge success. A meeting with the German producers Jan Löchel and Jens Gimborn, who are also the producers behind the Guru Josh Project with their blast of a track ‘Infinity 2008’, followed. Together, the three of them decided to combine reggae vibes with modern house beats to eventually introduce you to their first single: ‘Follow Your Heart’.
Menyo’s original and club version of ‘Follow Your Heart’ are both warm, feel-good vocal housers. As soon as you hear Ray’s reggae-sounding vocal, you feel he means what he sings. Inspired by that, German DJ and producer Klaas delivers the first of remixes and added a heavy banging baseline to the track. The Bodybangers, on the second remix, toyed around with the track’s pumping synth-lines. No matter which direction your heart leads you – both reworks are going to make every 2am floor explode.

  1. Follow Your Heart (Radio Edit)
  2. Follow Your Heart (Klaas Remix Edit)
  3. Follow Your Heart (Club Mix Edit)
  4. Follow Your Heart (Bodybangers Remix Edit)
  5. Follow Your Heart (Original Mix)
  6. Follow Your Heart (Klaas Remix)
  7. Follow Your Heart (Club Mix)
  8. Follow Your Heart (Bodybangers Remix) [downloadnow][/downloadnow]
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