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New releases & exclusives (30)

July 28, 2010
New releases this week by Jorn van Deynhoven & Temple One, Ruben de Ronde, Tenishia, Ben Nicky, Black Pearl and more!

Jorn van Deynhoven & Temple One - Halo
Jorn van Deynhoven knows what he’s talking about when it comes down to collabs. Back in the year 2005 he started remixing various tracks. Within just five years he managed to release more than 50 productions, including his last year’s outstanding ‘RAMsterdam’ remix. Recently he met Englishman Joe Garrett a.k.a. Temple One, who is well known for releases like ‘Sahara Nights’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’. The two of them produced a fluffy melodic trancer, perfectly fitting its title.

‘Halo’ shines. This track is one of those trance anthems that invites you to raise your hands up high and just fly away in full happiness. Its mellifluous melody is in both the Jorn van Deynhoven and Temple One Remix gentle in its build-up and mesmerizing in combination with the tracks’ pumping baseline. A must-have for all uplifting fans out there.

  1. Halo (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix)
  2. Halo (Temple One Mix)
  3. Halo (Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit)
  4. Halo (Temple One Radio Edit)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Aly and Fila, Sean Tyas, Dave Pearce, tyDi, Lange, Nic Chagall.

Ben Nicky feat. Linnea Schössow - Tears
British sound-creator Ben Nicky is one of those producers that captivates both your heart and feet. His previous productions, ‘Driven’ and ‘Morning Breeze’, are set the perfect example for that statement. His sound, mesmerizingly melodic and packed with such bold beats, gives you that real take-over-the-dancefloor-feel. That same feeling captures you when listening to his new one, ‘Tears’.

‘Tears’ utilises the vocals talents of rising star Linnea Schössow, reigning from Sweden. Its delightful build up prepares you for a euphoric breakdown. This one is absolutely mind-blowing, combining Linnea’s stunning vocals with Ben’s production skills. While enjoying the rush taking over, a surprisingly build climax guides you to a tech-trance outro. Its pumping baseline makes standing still almost undoable.

British producer Joe Garrett a.k.a. Temple One, known for his ‘Aurora’ and ‘String Theory’ releases, leads ‘Tears’ in a more uplifting direction on his remix, making it rise to even greater heights. Undeniably big room, in all ways and means.

  1. Tears (Original Mix)
  2. Tears (Dub Mix)
  3. Tears (Temple One Remix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Aly & Fila, Paul Oakenfold, Jorn van Deynhoven, M.I.K.E., Lange, Simon Patterson, Dave Pearce, TyDi, Rank 1, Nic Chagall.

Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch presents Black Pearl - Discovery
The Black Pearl sets sail again! After previous expeditions to 'Bounty Island', the 'Coral Sea' and 'Java', this time captains Roger Shah and Ralph Fritsch invite you on their journey of ‘Discovery’. Your musical trip with the two German DJ’s and producers will take you to open sea, where you’ll pass bittersweet violin melodies, soothing synth-sound waves and experience a marvelous, powerful build-up.

Also aboard is Swedish DJ and producer Kim Svärd. He takes over the helm with his ‘Discovery’-remix, on which he faces a more stormy route. He hits the highest highs of uplifting in the break down and accompanies you through dark, progressive baselines. Enjoy your trip!

  1. Discovery (Original Mix)
  2. Discovery (Kim Svärd Remix)


Ruben de Ronde - Stoer
Boys will be boys and once a Dutchman, always a Dutchman. His musical sense has been there from early days, and he’s been using it professionally since the year 2006, when his first few remixes caught the attention of the DJ elite. We’re talking about no one less than Ruben de Ronde, who’s stirred up the tracks of Way Out West, Aly & Fila, Push, W&W in several branched out remixes and caused quite a few highlights with his ‘Grand Boulevards’ and the more trancy ‘Forever In Our Hearts’. This time, he’s setting this in motion with his debut release on the Pilot 6 imprint. And it’s one hell of a rough, tough and delicious ride, we can tell you that.

‘Stoer’ obeys to its Dutch name and sways in with temping melodic kicks in a strong, seductive force of tech-house vs prog-house. Dance is what you’ll do, whether you want to or not. There’s just no standing still to this biggie. ‘Stoere’ beats are what you get!

The two remixes that await you, clearly shows the diversity and potential of the track. Swedish DJ/producer Sebastian Brandt, shows he’s not restricted to any style or sound, with a very groovy, big-room yet minimalistic sounding remix. The deep side of Dutch producer Bas van Essen comes out in his own interpretation of ‘Stoer’, as he works out his prog-skills to the fullest.

  1. Stoer (Original Mix)
  2. Stoer (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
  3. Stoer (Poze Remix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Sander van Doorn, Rank 1, W&W, Jerome Isma-ae, Myon & Shane 54, M.I.K.E., Cosmic Gate , TyDi, Sean Tyas, Tenishia, Ashley Wallbridge, Fedde le Grand, Mark Pledger, Jorn van Deynhoven, Menno de Jong, Eddie Halliwell, Roger Sanchez, Flash Brothers, Signum, Leon Bolier, Bart Claessen, Bobina, Deep Voices, Baggi Begovic , Rishibass, Kid Massive.

Protoculture - Silver / Black Sun
Compared to his previous productions, Nate Raubenheimer seemed to have calmed down a little with his tracks ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Silver’. Within the past seven years the South African producer released many Break Beat and Goa tracks, like this year’s ‘Love Technology’ and the track ‘Natural Selection’ back in the year 2004. With this new track-duo he reduced the beats per minute and proves that he knows exactly what the darker side of trance is about.

Both ‘Silver’ and ‘Black Sun’ make you go on that odyssey of lovely, night-black progressive-trance. ‘Silver’ joins the ranks of outstanding, complex instrumentals, that combine a lovely melody with soul-soothing prog-trance sounds. ‘Black Sun’ kicks off with bold beats and rises up to a melodic-euphoric-break down.Somewhere in the back it makes use of a mesmerizing female vocal, that knows when to take a break to create an energetic, breath-taking climax.

  1. Silver (Original Mix)
  2. Black Sun (Original Mix)


DJ Support:
Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge, Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold, Jorn van Deynhoven, tyDi, Dave Pearce, M.I.K.E., Signum, Ernesto vs Bastian, John Askew, Andy Moor, Orjan Nilsen, Nic Chagall.

Tenishia - Monsoon / Speak Music
Maltese duo Tenishia has been treating us more than well this year. After two outstanding tracks earlier in 2010, their June release and vocal beauty ‘Stranger to Myself’ still resounds in our head. A look at their DJ schedule will make you listen in disbelief, but Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar are already awaiting you with its follow up. Though playing countless gigs and teaching in their very own production school, they created two marvelous instrumentals named ‘Monsoon’ and ‘Speak Music’. Another duo to please your ears.

With this double release, euphoric trance lovers will be just as much in awe as fans of the more techy sounds. ‘Monsoon’ is a gentle, emotional uplifting trancer with a breath taking break. Anyone into sharp violin will surely be knocked down by ‘Monsoon’. ‘Speak Music’, on the other hand, is riding the progressive path - with playful synth-lines and a kicking baseline. Once again proving that the Maltese duo indeed has many faces when it comes down to music production.

  1. Monsoon (Original Mix)
  2. Speak Music (Original Mix)


Residence Deejays feat. Frissco - Sexy Love (Remixes)
The original version of the warm and housy summer banger ‘Sexy Love’ by Residence Deejays feat. Frissco was already released in the very late summer of November 2009. In the meantime a slew of talented producers reworked the track and Frissco himself did a beautiful Acoustic Mix. A must-have follow up package rocking the Zouk imprint.

The Romanian producers behind Residence Deejays teamed up with American vocalist and producer Frissco. He tells us a little something about his flirty club-adventures, while the Residence Deejays turn up the heat with a deep, proghousy background. Clear synths and melodic beats make this 'Sexy Love Frisco Club Extended' a true club-anthem.

On the remixes we first find Greek producer Agent Greg. His rework focuses on progressive elements and with that ‘Sexy Love’ stands out with even more energy to its original. Another banging remix comes from Peter Rauhofer. The specialty of this rework is its exceptional build up. The Austrian producer plays with various trance and progressive elements and the result can best be described as simply surprising!

  1. Sexy Love (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
  2. Sexy Love (Agent Greg Remix)
  3. Sexy Love (Frissco Club Extended)
  4. Sexy Love (Frissco Acoustic Mix)
  5. Sexy Love (Radio Edit)


DJ Support:
Bad Boy Bill, Erick Morillo, Rishi Bass, Ernesto vs Bastian, Dave Pearce, Dj Big Al, Gareth Emery, Bart Claessen, Markus Schulz, Jochen Miller, DJ Adam White, TyDi, Flash Brothers.

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