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June 28, 2010
New release by Robert Nickson, The Flyers & Mike Sonar, Bjorn Akesson, Nuera, Tom Colontonio, Gerry Menu and Jasper Forks

Robert Nickson - We Won't Forget

The purest, most touching trance tracks are all based upon emotions. Real emotions, whether that be happiness, grief or true euphoria. Producers find their inspiration in all sorts of happenings and turn it into another anthem to trigger those memorable moments on the floor.

Unfortunately, it was a sad event that inspired Robert Nickson to produce the follow-up to his ‘Maybe Next Time’, ‘Circles’ and classic ‘Spiral’. Dedicated to the late Fokko Versloot, a colleague at Cloud 9 Music who died at the young age of only 26, and released almost exactly a year after his death, Robert Nickson now moves the trance loving souls with ‘We Won’t Forget’.

‘We Won’t Forget’ is an emotional ride of a track, with a grand build-up, a deep-seated melody and a scintillating, distortive saw, with a bitter, raw edge to it all. He lets the bass hit in hard, making ‘We Won’t Forget’ an excellent highlight in whatever epic night.

The most requested remixer of the moment, Russian producer Artem Stolyarov – working under the Arty moniker, provides this release a more prog-trancy approach to ‘We Won’t Forget’. At the speed of sound, his popularity rose, with his remixes for Reverse and D-Mad rocking the Beatport Trance charts weeks in a row, and remixes for Ferry Tayle and Tritonal scorching the clubs alike. Luckily, Arty found the time to also deliver this one, cause it’s about to take you in on its warm wave of big room sounds.

  1. We Won't Forget (Original Mix)
  2. We Won't Forget (Arty Remix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Above and Beyond, Gareth Emery, Sander van Doorn, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Jorn van Deynhoven, John O Callaghan, Lange, Blake Jarrell, Sean Tyas, Dave Pearce, Ernesto & Bastian, Ashley Wallbridge, Andy Moor, Menno de Jong, John Askew.

The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Everytime I Close My Eyes

If you don’t make your breakthrough solo, you’ll get it done together. The trio force of The Flyers and Mike Sonar has been going strong for 2 years, rocking it out with their ‘Love EP’, ‘Lumiere’, ‘Signalica’ and remixes for D:Folt and Temple One. These talents are on the rise and about to set things alight with a matured prog-trance sound, as heard on ‘Everytime I Close My Eyes’.

Dashing their talent with this in-depth progressive ride of a track, The Flyers & Mike Sonar make their name through the AVA Blue label. ‘Everytime I Close My Eyes’ is melodic, contagious and shows exactly what an upfront and awakening trance track should sound like.

  1. Everytime I Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
  2. Everytime I Close My Eyes (Radio Edit)


Bjorn Akesson - Sandcastle Express / Robot Religion

Another Scandinavian talent is rising from the trance depths. Swedish producer Björn Akesson had his debut release on the A State of Trance label, back in 2008. ‘Perfect Blue’ was the title of his outstanding piece of music, and its release surely didn’t go unnoticed. Aly & Fila, proud owners of the Future Sound of Egypt label, recognize a talent when they see one and signed him up for a duo-EP, ‘Flavour Park’ & ‘Without You’.

A year later, Björn returns to the club-speakers with an all-destroying ‘Robot Religion’ and more sensitive, uplifting ‘Sandcastle Express’. Both melodic, powerful and absolutely feel-good.

  1. Sandcastle Express 02 .Robot Religion


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Sander van Doorn, Judge Jules, W&W, Lange, Simon Patterson, Jorn van Deynhoven, John Askew, Ernesto & Bastian, Sean Tyas, Dave Pearce.

Nuera - Inside E.P.

The Balearic force is with Georgian producer Levan Nadareishvili. A name hard to pronounce, so he decided to go for Nuera instead. Under that moniker, he’s given the sunrise and sunset that extra bright-red colour edge, with powerful productions like ‘Ocean Love’ and ‘Glow’.

For the third installment of Roger Shah’s ‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People’ series, he delivered two tracks, ‘Inside’ and ‘Nostalgic’. ‘Inside’ is an anthem in all ways and means – a powerful build-up, a dramatic but uplifting break and some epic trance for dessert. ‘Nostalgic’ is deeper, and hits the more melodic side of progressive.

As a bonus on this Magic Island EP, Nuera introduces you to another 2 of his studio-babies: ‘Mirage’ and ‘the Lost Island’. They both have that warm Nuera sound taking over, but the difference is in the techy surprise in ‘Mirage’ and ambient feel of ‘The Lost Island’. An exciting package that doesn’t belong anywhere else but here on the Magic Island label.

  1. Inside (Original Mix)
  2. Nostalgic (Original Mix)
  3. Mirage (Original Mix)
  4. The Lost Island (Original Mix)


Tom Colontonio - Nighthawk / Induction
If you’re into the harder style of trance music, American producer/DJ Tom Colontonio is a must-see and must-hear. After collaborations with John O’Callaghan on his ‘Never Fade Away’ album, Tom now gets under the new Subculture wing with some heavyweight heart-throbbers.

‘Nighthawk’ builds up steady with an entangled myriad of techno driven sounds, as it unfolds into an emotive break with speaker-blazing outcome. ‘Induction’ applies to that same arrangement, but comes closer to the uplifting side of tech-trance. Feel-good and definitely up for some mid-summer action at the festivals!

  1. Nighthawk (Original Mix)
  2. Induction (Original Mix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Sander van Doorn, Gareth Emery, Eddie Halliwell, Menno de Jong, Dave Pearce, Lange, Ernesto & Bastian, Ashley Wallbridge, tyDi, John Askew.

Gerry Menu - Vonkystof E.P.

1994 is a year Dutchman Remy Unger won’t forget about soon. It’s 16 years back since this tech-house legend had his first release. Since that day, there’s really no getting around his production.

In Remy’s musical career a lot has happened, but even more is there still happening. Under the wings of his very own 68 Recordings label, he serves anyone’s appetite for tech-house with one quality release after the next.

Keeping his sound fresh and open-minded at all times, Remy once again resides under his Gerry Menu moniker for a triptych ride into classy techno and profound prog-house. The 3 Track EP is made out of the melodious and deep ‘Grump & Grind’, cheeky and playful ‘Untamed 5.1’ and pulsating tech’er ‘Vonkystof’. A tasty threesome for the peak-time moments and deeper, warm-up sets.

  1. Vonkystof (Original Mix)
  2. Untamed (Original Mix)
  3. Grump And Grind (Original Mix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Max Graham, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Dave Pearce, Ashley Wallbridge, tyDi.

Jasper Forks - River Flows In You

Spine tingling piano and soothing trancy synths. The unofficial theme of the popular ‘Twilight’ vampire movie series has been translated into a danceable version. The classic piano tune by Yiruma is a big hit on YouTube, viewed by millions of ‘Twilight’ fans. To them, it’s a hidden treasure, written for - but not appearing in the actual soundtrack. But whoever claimed that vampires don’t like a little party every now and then? With a prog-housy beat and delicate melody, Jasper Forks is the guy to bring you his own interpretation, fit for the dance masses. Catchy and definitely danceable, ‘River Flows In You’ is about to flow across the dancefloors

The official music video of this unofficial vampire anthem was shot in and around Forks, Washington where the books and films are set! This is one hit you want to take a bite of; meet Jasper Forks with ‘River Flows In You’.

  1. River Flows In You (Single Mix)
  2. River Flows In You (Club Mix)
  3. River Flows In You (Eric Chase Remix)
  4. River Flows In You (R3hab & Addy van der Zwan Remix)
  5. River Flows In You (Lasershow Pacific Mix)


DJ Support:
Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Marcel Woods, Ernesto & Bastian, Dave Pearce, Ashley Wallbridge, Dash Berlin, Andy Moor, Rank 1, Menno de Jon, tyDi.

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