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New releases & exclusives (25)

June 21, 2010

Ernesto vs Bastian - Every Inch A King

The early millennium trance champions have returned. A lot has happened in the past 15 years of the life of Ernesto van der Meij and Edwin Koeleman. They’ve scored big chart hits with ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ and ‘Thrill’, rocked crowds as big as 30.000 music lovers and still manage to send shivers down your spine with their remixes and other originals. After a few months of silence, Ernesto vs. Bastian are back at full speed: heading towards the big festivals, clubs and events with their new single ‘Every Inch A King’.

A royal portion of trance, that’s what this track has for sure. Its pulsating beat and rich details will crawl under your skin, if the techy trance sound didn’t already. Melodic, emotional and effective, is what ‘Every Inch A King’ truly is. A trance anthem that’ll enrapture you at an instant. Whether in its original mix or more nu-trance sounding Alternative mix. Ladies and gents, Ernesto vs. Bastian aren’t only rocking the Captivating Sounds label, but your body as well, to every last little inch.

  1. Every Inch A King (Original Mix)
  2. Every Inch A King (Alternative Mix)
  3. Every Inch A King (Radio Edit)


Manuputty - Foggy Fields / Havana Nights

Mystery veils the new Electronic Elements release, by the unknown hands of an unquestionably talented producer called Manuputty. We follow him down the eerie surroundings of ‘Foggy Fields’ and ‘Havana Nights’, get lost into this duo of atmospheric, warm and deep progressive trance and don’t mind at all to find ourselves playing these riddles of tracks over and over again. There’s no question; Manuputty is a welcome guest, no matter which disguise he uses to blast his sounds into the outside world.

  1. Foggy Fields (Original Mix)
  2. Havana Nights (Original Mix)


Glenn Morrison - Symptoms Of A Stranger E.P. (Remixed)
Holding the key to variety, Canadian producer Glenn Morrison has touched ground with all different styles, from deep dives into progressive onto cloud-high side-steps to house and trance. Glenn Morrison is one of the few dance producers out there that manages to keep his sound unrestricted but typically Morrison at the same time. Open-minded as he is, it’s no surprise a remix pack would be included to the release of his ‘Symptoms Of A Stranger’ and ‘Triangle and Strings’.

The feedback to his latest EP has been out of this world. His first vocal track, featuring the vocals of Uk vocalist Cathy Burton, fondled between trance and prog, was picked up by Dutchman Jorn van Deynhoven. Uplifting trance is the result, emotional and ethereal in all its beats and pieces.

From the very first time German producer Jerome Isma-Ae heard ‘Triangle & Strings’ he knew he wanted to remix it. And so he did. His remix of this illustrious masterpiece has that typical Isma-Ae drive: one that keeps you going, speeding and hitting full throttle. Crouching like a tiger near its prey and taking you in with a prog-house driven force.

Last but not least, we find the Space Oddity remix by Henry Saiz in this pack. The Spanish re-worker of tracks by Way Out West, John Digweed and Tiësto, added a unique touch of warmth to ‘Symptoms Of A Stranger’ on his remix, that doesn’t let itself be captured into the ‘prog-house’ genre only.

  1. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  2. Symptoms Of A Stranger (Henry Saiz Remix EDIT)
  3. Triangle & Strings (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)


RM&O - Phoney Ceremony 2010

In late 2007, no club was safe to the bulky beats of Dutch producer Rocco Mundo & Onno. With ‘Phoney Ceremony’, the guys caught a big, phat-bass anthem that gob smacked the tech- and prog-house scene.

In the summer of 2010, the guys return with a new version of this cheeky anthem. ‘Phoney Ceremony 2010’ is more tech and less prog, but completely club-fit nonetheless. Roasting the speakers with an addictive sound and deep impact, this Pilot 6 release will surely be heard down the clubs.

Dutchman René Amesz, remix-master of tracks by Mark Knight, D Ramirez, Chris Lake, Hardwell and many other house heroes, is the perfect man for remix duties on this one. His remix of ‘Phoney Ceremony’ is pure peak-time pleasure, teasing you to housy heights and tickling your senses with an oldskool push of tech-house.

  1. Phoney Ceremony 2010 (Original Mix)
  2. Phoney Ceremony 2010 (René Amesz Remix)


Max Graham feat. Ana Criado - Nothing Else Matters

It’s all about the music, all about the magical contrast to silence. With the brightest of colours, Max Graham painted the skies of sound, filling it with the darkest of tech-house and lightest of prog-trance. He’s blended shades of all colours, from the 80’s remake ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ to the stunning vocal trance track ‘Sun In The Winter’.

As the third single of his debutalbum ‘Radio’, he brings out the warmest of colours with ‘Nothing Else Matters’. From the profound bass-guitar to the melodic maze, once you’ve pressed play on this one, nothing else matters. Ana Criado, who’s worked with the likes of Ronski Speed and Alex M.O.R.P.H., provides the essential final touch to ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with a quieting pair of vocals. Two artists at work, tincturing the dance scene.

Egyptian duo Aly & Fila, masters of the euphoric trance genre, remixed ‘Nothing Else Matters’ to an enchanting uplifting track for the peak-time moments of life.

  1. Stranger To Myself (Tenishia`s Burnout Mix)
  2. Stranger To Myself (Mike Shivers Garden State Mix)


Tenishia feat. Aneym - Stranger To Myself

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything fresh coming from the island of Malta. In 2009, the duo of Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech focused on their collaborations with Roger Shah, ‘I’m Not God’ and ‘You’re So Cool’, taking a little break from their solo work. But the wait has been worthwhile, and the inspiration has clearly been flowing, cause Tenishia is hitting the summer right there in the face with a new vocal track, ‘Stranger To Myself’. After winning the ‘Best Dance Tune Award 2008’at Malta’s Music Awards for their ‘Burning From The Inside’ you know this one is going to sweep the floors!

Featuring the vocals of Polish vocalist Aneym, ‘Stranger To Myself’ possesses everything a good vocal trance track needs. A melody to take you in, beats to sweep you off your feet and vocals to put you in an absolute frenzy. Tenishia sure is no stranger to producing quality stuff.

Mike Shiver’s Garden State project gave a more groovy edge to this S107 tune, toying around with vocals chops. The Swede did make sure the break remained this mind-shivering, outstanding piece of almost acoustic music.

  1. Stranger To Myself (Tenishia`s Burnout Mix)
  2. Stranger To Myself (Mike Shivers Garden State Mix)


Monogato - Sincere / Sunday Cocktail

New medley’s from the Monogato studio are ready to rock dance land. Dutch producer Peter Smit has always had a way of reaching the listener on the inside. With warm, progressive tracks such as ‘Miami Vibe’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Zero Compromise’, he set the tone in any type of set or setting.

The first of Monogato releases this year is the Sincere EP, with the melody-driven and temperamental ‘Sincere’ and easy-going, Sunday-afternoon trip ‘Sunday Cocktail’. Once again, two outstanding progressive trance tracks with a warm and balsamic Monogato sound.

  1. Sincere (Original Mix)
  2. Sunday Cocktail (Original Mix)


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