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New releases & exclusives (24)

June 15, 2010
New music by Dreastic, Moonpax vs Snatt & Vix, Beatservice, W&W, Josh Gabriel, Heatbeat & Exit, Shogun and more!

Dreastic - Spirit

The secret has been unlocked. For the second year running, an objet d’art of Swedish producer/DJ Andreas Lindell made it to an A State of Trance compilation. His Dreastic sounds have left the trance scene in awe with ‘Blade Runner’, a strong and melodic trance track that enforced the second cd of Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance 2009’ album.

This year, Dreastic did it again. On the ASOT 2010 album, his ‘Spirit’ outshines the rest with a calm and soothing but flaming trance track, having caught the exact right melody to keep you going during the final minutes of a long night of partying. A highlight you’ll feel in your bones.

The more melodic, proggy side of trance is explored by fellow Swede Alex Robert, in his catchy remix.

  1. Spirit (Dreas Original Mix)
  2. Spirit (Alex Robert Remix)


Moonpax vs Snatt & Vix - Replay Girl

The influences, ideas, sounds and passion of 5 different musicians all came together in the very first single of the Moonpax vs. Snatt & Vix team-up. ‘Winter of Love’ heralded the trance scene to the synergy of Israeli trio Moonpax and Romanian duo Snatt & Vix, a track in complete harmony.

Unanimity has kept the progressive trance spark going, resulting in another AVA Blue release: ‘Replay Girl’. Subtle, glinting waves of warm melodic prog-house slide into trancy synths on this one, rocking the dancing souls with a deep beat and constant drive of energy.

Michael Calderone and Austin Hall of the upcoming Space RockerZ collab made ‘Replay Girl’ one with an attitude and unmistakable groove. ‘Replay Girl’ will surely get stuck on replay.

  1. Replay Girl (Original Mix) 02 .Replay Girl (Space RockerZ Remix)


Beatservice meets Tucandeo feat. Manon Polare - Wating For The Sun

Question - which track links the cities of Tallinn, Belfast and Las Vegas all together? The answer is a track that has caught the attention and captured the imagination of many Coldharbour followers since the beginning of 2010. Madis Sillamo, better known as Beat Service, had already established quite a following in the Coldharbour ranks, not least for his remix of Rex Mundi & Susana's massive ‘Nothing At All’ in the summer of 2009. But his collaboration with Kevin Murphy and Danny Cullen, who unite to form Tucandeo, has set pulses racing since its appearance towards the end of Disc 2 on Markus Schulz's Las Vegas '10 compilation. The name of course, is ‘Waiting for the Sun’.

The original fused the typical power driven Beat Service bassline, the melodic touch of Tucandeo, and built around the harmonic tones of Dutch vocalist Manon Polare. ‘Waiting for the Sun’ became a self-explanatory anthem throughout the winter months, particularly after the original being declared by the fans as one of the standout moments of Las Vegas '10 and on Global DJ Broadcast.

When Markus travelled to Sao Paulo for the GDJB World Tour recording at the end of January, his set was highlighted by the first of two remixes available in the package. Already a featured name on Coldharbour thanks to ‘Forget About Us’, Austrian duo Barnes & Heatcliff worked again under their Lentos alias to provide a punchy bassline with a beautiful melodic break to leave listeners swooning, and arguably, stealing the show once again.

Rounding off the package is Australian Tyson Illingworth, who under his tyDi moniker has seen his star rise rapidly since first appearing on Coldharbour with ‘Russia’. He gives ‘Waiting for the Sun’ his typical big room feel, and became a regular player on Global DJ Broadcast throughout March.

With the summer imminently upon us, ‘Waiting for the Sun’ has been well worth waiting for.

  1. Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix)
  2. Waiting For The Sun (TyDi Remix)
  3. Waiting For The Sun (Lentos Vocal Mix)
  4. Waiting For The Sun (Lentos Dub Mix)


W&W - Manhattan

The trance world is still recovering from the heavy damage done by W&W’s collab with Swede Jonas Stenberg on ‘Alligator F*ckhouse’ and at all times is it dancing to their ‘D.N.A.’, ‘The Plan’ and ‘Mainstage’. The summer’s ahead though and that means a milder, more trancy touch to the sound of Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst.

Last year, it was ‘Mainstage’ that became their big summer-hit. This year, it might just be ‘Manhattan’ that’ll tame the festival and club-speakers with a seductive melody, arousing set of kicks and cloudy mix of prog-trance and techno. Like the skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan, this new track shows the sky is the limit to these talented Dutchies.

Fellow Dutchman Sied van Riel, who’s middle name could very well be ’diversity’, makes ‘Manhattan’ a deep and prog-tech driven theme to anyone’s set.

  1. Manhatten (Original Mix)
  2. Manhattan (Sied van Riel Remix)


Josh Gabriel, Francis Preve & Rob Stern - Knob

When it comes to designing and controlling sound, few modern artists have the combined range of skills that Josh Gabriel and Francis Preve share. With Gabriel at the forefront of progressive and trance for the better part of a decade with acts like Gabriel & Dresden and Motorcycle - and Preve riding high on the success of ‘Marina’, ‘Yin/ Yang’ and his remixes for Winter Kills and Sander Kleinenberg - the idea of putting them both in a room with a few synths is both irresistible and terrifying. Dubstep and hip-hop upstart Rob Stern brings the collaboration to a fever pitch - and the result is 'Knob'.

The original mix of 'Knob' stakes out the territory of timeless techno - an homage to the 90s rave scene that features a full-on 909 groove and acid-drenched sonic mayhem, building to a thoroughly monster peak, then morphing back into its classic 909 drums.

Francis Preve's reinterpretation of the same sonic material veers into the big room bombast he unleashed with his remix of Josh Gabriel & Dave Seaman's 'Heyaah' - combined with a touch of the subsonic throb that made 'Yin' one of the biggest tracks of '09.

With both mixes fully delivering the goods from technology's heaviest hitters, this 'Knob' goes far beyond 11.

  1. Knob (Original Mix)
  2. Knob (Francis Preve Remix)


Dulac & Dubois feat. Szen - Turning

Sometimes, you just need a little leg up to get yourself out there. When it comes to melodic, deep, summer-minded trance, Roger Shah is the person you need. With his Magic Island label, he reaches out to ten-thousands, if not millions, of Balearic souls. Whenever the chance comes up to be part of that group, you should grab it with both hands. That’s one of the many things Dulac & Dubois understood more than well.

The Dutch producer duo, with Rogier v/d Meer and Gert van ‘t Wout residing under the Dulac and Dubois alias, has been producing together for quite a few years already. 5 years after they first met, they’re now facing their first big release, ‘Turning’. Featured on Shah’s third Volume of the Magic Island compilation series, this mesmerizing trancer with vocals by Szen feels like a warm, scintillating summer night. One you wish could be endless.

Remixes of ‘Turning’ come from Georgian producer Nuera, who’s got his own EP coming up on Magic Island shortly after the release of this one. The Nuera remix shoots off with a more explosive, throbbing prog-house inspired sound. Dutch duo Quillroader remained close to the original: fragile and sensitively trancy. Last but not least, upcoming talent Dave-PL gave a very original interpretation of ‘Turning’, one that lies between house and mind-shivering ambient.

  1. Turning (Extended Mix)
  2. Turning (Nuera Remix)
  3. Turning (Quillroader Remix)
  4. Turning (Dave-PL Remix)
  5. Turning (Radio Edit)


Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me

Who doesn’t remember the magical tones of Shogun’s heart-throbbing ‘Nadia’ must have been hibernating. With this stunning prog-trancer, featuring the warm vocals of vocalist Hannah Ray, the American born Taiwanese DJ/Producer left an memorable impression on the dance scene. Thought the wait for a successor has been long, the result was certainly worth waiting for.

Unlocking a warm breeze of summer-guitar, dreamy trance synths and progressive enrapture, ‘Save Me’ takes you in from the very moment you press play. UK singer/songwriter Emma Lock, who’s got another EP with Beat Service coming up on the S107 label, makes ‘Save Me’ one big, lush dream of vocal reverie.

German trance producers Stoneface & Terminal enchanted ‘Save Me’ with a genuine big-room interpretation, deep and touching. Balearic producer duo Walsh & McAuley got the summer-spirit up and get down with a tranquilizing progressive trance remix to this midsummer vocal hymn.

  1. Save Me (Original Mix)
  2. Save Me (Dub Mix)
  3. Save Me (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)
  4. Save Me (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
  5. Save Me (Walsh & McAuley Remix)


Heatbeat & Exit - Go

Sometimes people have more in common that they initially thought they would. The resemblance of Argentinean duo’s Heatbeat and Exit is quite extraordinary, so with them sharing a love for tech-trance, playing in the most fancy clubs and releasing floor-anthems - tune after tune -, it wouldn’t take long before they’d bind their strengths.

Their synergy resounds on the sixth Subculture release: ‘Go’. From the very moment that beat hits in, there’s a balance of maddening techno-influence and trance melodies. Heatbeat and Exit, with Agustin Servente and Matias Faint on one side and Martin Paley and Kevin Muter on the other, delivers an all-destroying break and fire things up with that much energy that makes ‘Go’ the only fitting title to it.

Subculture owner John O’Callaghan himself took out Joint Operations Centre mask and veiled himself to turn ‘Go’ into a techno record in all its facets.

  1. Go (Original Mix)
  2. Go (Joint Operations Centre Remix)


Analog People In A Digital World vs Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik - Just Won't Do

The year of 2009 belonged to Italian duo Matteo Sabbioni and Sandro Fioro. As the ‘Analog People In A Digital World’, they’ve moved from shadows into light, with high profile productions and remixes. ‘Rose Rouge’ and ‘The Envelope of Life’ became a favourite of the Miami and Ibiza crowd, played out by the likes of Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia, Tiefschwarz, Luciano, Locodice, Villalobos and many more. Be sure, 2010 is going to wear that ‘APDW’ tag again…

And now, APDW have done it again, and they have delivered one of the most distinctive club bombs of the year with their own remake of arguably one of the finest dance masterpieces of the last decade… Tim Deluxe’s ‘Just Won’t Do’.

Originally conceived as an exclusive edit for the APDW DJ sets, the Instrumental Mix has soon become a dancefloor weapon of choice for some of their favourite DJ’s… Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Mark Knight and Steve Angello. It is no surprise this has now received the seal of approval from Tim Deluxe himself, and chanteuse Sam Obernik liked it so much she wanted to record some new vocals to this exclusive new version…

The Vocal Edit grabs the main riff from the original, and takes this oldie/goldie to a whole new level. This is the type of record DJ sets are built around. Catchy as hell and set to stand out from the crowd! Does it get any bigger than this? Well, in addition to the original there are some extraordinaire remixes too…

Somehow, someway heavyweights ATFC & Warren Clarke ended up sampling Tim Deluxe’s gem to make their new track with stunning results. They sent the track to Tim to see what’s what on sample clearance, and here’s what’s what.

Italian born but London based Mowgli has been tearing up the dancefloors worldwide with his remixes and releases. His remix of ‘Just Won’t Do’ is no less! This is a super summer, feel-good track with solid beats, bongo and a great trumpet hook…

Last but by no means least, the precious parts were handed to Paul Jackson, and he takes ‘Just Won’t Do’ back underground with a stripped back, heavy bass workout…

A brilliant set of mixes that will see you through Ibiza 2010 and beyond! This is a winner, we are sure you’ll agree.

  1. Just Won't Do (Radio Edit)
  2. Just Won't Do (Vocal Edit)
  3. Just Won't Do (ATFC & Warren Clarke Re-Vamp)
  4. Just Won't Do (Mowgli Remix)
  5. Just Won't Do (Mowgli Dub Mix)
  6. Just Won't Do (Paul Jackson Dub Mix)
  7. Just Won't Do (Instrumental Mix)
  8. Just Won't Do (diskJokke Remix)
  9. Just Won't Do (Pirupa & Pigi Remix)
  10. Just Won't Do (ATFC & Warren Clarke Radio Edit)
  11. Just Won't Do (ATFC & Warren Clarke Dub Re-Vamp)
  12. Just Won't Do (Paul Jackson Remix)


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