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New releases & exclusives (21)

May 25, 2010
New release by Chicane, Thomas Bronzwaer, Roger Shah presents Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor, Paul Webster, Kismet, Karanda feat. David Call, Hoyaa and Max Graham!

Chicane - Come Back
Knocking up hit after hit, Chicane takes things full throttle once again. His ‘Hiding All The Stars’ and ‘Poppiholla’ have only just left the global charts, but the world is already dancing to the next Chicane-cracker. ‘Come Back’ is Chicane’s reminiscences to Paul Young’s 80’s unforgettable classic. It’s one of the tunes that everyone know the words to, but in Chicane’s remake, it’s the instrumental work that matters most.

A contagious, deep beat, strong melody and roaring guitar make a natural habitat to Paul Young’s vocals. Next to Nick Bracegirdle’s work on the anthem in the Chicane ‘Come Back’ version, it were also the guys of Riley & Durrant who had a little flashback. Their remix of ‘Come Back’ hits in hard with a deep bass and melodramatic touch. Scottish producer Dean Newton dives even deeper, to a tech-house type of tune with flawless synths and strong breaks. Australian duo Shock One kick it even harder, with an unrivalled drum & bass remix. Last but definitely not least, Dutch producer/DJ Sydney Samson teaches us about house in a floor-maddening remix where drums and electro play the leading role. Plenty of Chicane-approved stuff for everyone!

  1. Come Back (Radio Edit)
  2. Come Back (Original Club Mix)
  3. Come Back (Sidney Samson Remix)
  4. Come Back (Shockone Remix)
  5. Come Back (Riley and Durrant Remix)
  6. Come Back (Dean Newton Remix)

Hoyaa - Rising Star
Lucky number 7 belongs to Zsolt Gasparik. Under his Hoyaa moniker he snatches up the 7th Aropa release since kick-off. And a powerful one it is. Aropa007, or better known as ‘Hoyaa – Rising Star’ welcomes you to the big room trance sound of Hoyaa – a Romanian producer that’s been growing a strong passion for dance music since childhood.

A scintillating, star-studded trance spark is the best way to describe Hoyaa’s ‘Rising Star’. Try not to move when you’re in a club, or get lost inside its intricate, emotional maze of melody, bass and kicks. You’ll come to find that’s quite an impossible mission.

01.Hoyaa - Rising Star (Original Mix)

Max Graham - Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)
Just weeks before his debut album is released, Max Graham kicks in another reason for you to check it out. The second single of his album ‘Radio’ is the 2010 remake of his 2005 classic ‘Does She Know Yet’, given a new identity on ‘Dusky 2010’.

In Max’ case, time ain’t nothing but another word for new inspiration. After two years of setting up other businesses, he got back into it with one loud bang: ‘Sun In The Winter’. The 15 year long voyage of style-discovery and toying around with techno, house and even 80’s dance, all came together in those 7 minutes of vocal bliss, returning to his one true love: trance and progressive. As a souvenir, Max boosts his very own Re*Brand label, that now gets a re-start with the ‘Does She Know Yet’ remake.

Max:”I really wanted to revisit this riff, I’ve learned a lot in the studio since then and it’s something  the generation clubbing today has not  heard. It felt like the right time for me to re-do it, to hear it bigger and better.” Bigger and better it is indeed. ‘Dusky 2010’ is still riding on its synth-driven melody - melodramatic with a spark of hope – but kicks in deeper, harder and yes..bigger.

  1. Does She Know Yet 2010 (Original Mix)
  2. Does She Know Yet 2010 (Radio Edit)

Paul Webster - Punchbag
Summer’s about to break loose, and so is the new Paul Webster! Still wearing the ‘up and coming’ tag, but definitely high-scoring the production-game, this Irish DJ/ producer has taken hold of the tech-trance scene with tracks like ‘Corruption’, ‘Istanbul’, ‘The Wolf’ and vocal trancer ‘Time’. Within three years, the scene has acknowledged that with a fine Paul Webster fix, any party can be upgraded to ravishing, all-destroying heights.

Every single anthem off his hand kicks in hard, so it should come as no surprise that ‘Punchbag’ is another killer. Heart-throbbing bass, a sturdy build-up and a melodic story unfolding in the break - as a surprise after all. Webster’s put all his energy in this ‘Punchbag’, and it sure shows.

  1. Punchbag (Original Mix)

Karanda feat. David Call - On Hold
"Tell me what's on your mind..." The haunting vocals that immersed themselves in the epicenter of Markus Schulz's Las Vegas '10, Disc 1.

English duo Wandii and Andy C have shared the same passion for music for many years. Under the guise of Karanda, they made their Coldharbour Recordings bow last year, with their track ‘In Motion’ appearing on Coldharbour Selections Part 21. They follow up by working with US vocalist and producer David Call, who penned the poignant words to one of the Las Vegas '10 highlights from earlier this year, "On Hold".
With the original becoming a firm favorite among Coldharbour fans due to its appearance on Las Vegas '10, label owner Markus Schulz embarked on bringing in some hot talents for remix duty.

First up is Scot Mark Sherry, whose work has been popular among the big room and tech enthusiasts. His remix was debuted to the world by Markus on one of the grandest stages of all, Trance Energy at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It also rocked the Montreal faithful at the annual Bal en Blanc extravaganza the next day.

Russian duo Aurosonic have been on a roll lately, thanks to their breakthrough moment when remixing Matt Darey's See the Sun. With on Hold, they deliver a beautiful piece of melodic goodness in their unique style, becoming a regular in Markus' GDJB studio sets in the process. And finally, enter upcoming talent and Texan native Noah Neiman, whose bassline driven remix is typical of what the Coldharbour faithful love, and has earned plenty of GDJB play in the process.

With an impressive roster of remixers amassed alongside exciting production talent, everyone part of the On Hold package are names worth looking out for.

  1. On Hold (Club Remix)
  2. On Hold (Aurosonic Remix)
  3. On Hold (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix)
  4. On Hold (Noah Neiman Remix)

Roger Shah presents Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found
Two years after the unforgettable and ever-resounding ‘Lost’, Zara Taylor has found the way to Roger Shah’s studio again. Not that she ever lost it, her sense of musical direction always makes her find it back. The powerful, Balearic trance force of Roger Shah and his Sunlounger moniker joins forces with one of the most tender voices in dance, the one of Zara Taylor.

Succeeding their collab ‘Crawling’, is the answer to ‘Lost’: ‘Found’. Hitting in with the same delicate Balearic trance sound and an emotional, melodramatic feel to it – ‘Found’ is a more than worthy follow-up to the trance scene’s future classic.

Remixes from Roger Shah himself, in a deeper, more trancy version of the stunning original, and Pedro del Mar, peak-time and energetic, are part of this memorable release.

  1. Found (Roger Shah Original Mix)
  2. Found (Pedro Del Mar Remix)
  3. Found (Album Version)
  4. Found (Radio Edit)

Thomas Bronzwaer - Collider
A feathery, but deep sound is carried upon the waves of today’s trance scene. Creator of this warm breeze of a track, is Thomas Bronzwaer. The Dutchman has built himself a stellar reputation in music, conjuring smiles to everyone’s faces with tracks like ‘Resound’, ‘Look Ahead’ and ‘Certitude’.

With ‘Collider’, the trance producer performs magic once more. An intriguing, profound mix of progressive and trance, getting you lost into Thomas’ soundscapes from its very first beat. Energy , beauty and warmth collide into one essential tune for your trance collection: ‘Collider’.
Fellow Dutchman Jorn van Deynhoven, who’s given his magic remix-touch to productions like ‘RAMsterdam’ and ‘Never Cry Again’, now gives ‘Collider’ a little JVD-treatment. His remix, already featured on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2010 album, will shatter across the global dancefloors at blazing uplifting trance-speed.

  1. Collider (Original Mix)
  2. Collider (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
  3. Collider (Intro Mix)

Kismet - Surreal
A little Kismet break has proven to be an excellent way for Andreas Beiderwieden to regain inspiration for his beloved, prog-housy moniker. Heavyweight side steps under his Andrew Bennett alias, including the supreme remake of classic ‘Age of Love’ and the upcoming Sir Adrian collab ‘Run Till You Shine’, have given Andreas a new spur of prog-house spirit.

Fruit is the tasty ‘Surreal’, parallel to previous Kismet releases ‘Endorphine’, ‘Vita’ and ‘Empty Streets’ but new in its fierce build-up. Deep bass, a dark melody and all the right effects to sweep the dancefloor. If you’re a prog-house fan, you know you can’t go wrong with Kismet.

Same goes for Dominic Greene’s remix. The German producer toyed around with all of ‘Surreal’’s details, and brings in a more profound, progressive version of this club scorcher.

  1. Surreal (Original Mix)
  2. Surreal (Dominic Greene Remix)

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